Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff

Brother In Residence

Brother Anwar Martinez, FSC - Email

Senior Administration


Dr. Catherine Guerriero - Email

Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration

Ms. Mary Kenny - Email

Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Communication

Ms. Ismini Scouras - Email

Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Mr. Anthony Chin - Email

Director of Buildings and Maintenance

Mr. Anthony Ruiz - Email

Business Manager, Director of La Salle In the City

Ms. Mary Anne Glassen - Email

Special Assistant to the President

Ms. Carol Emsworth - Email

Development Coordinator

Ms. Zenaida Sonberg - Email

Development Associate, Associate Director of Foundation and Alumni Development

Ms. Caitlin Kerwin - Email

Associate Director of Development

Ms. Daria Coney - Email

School Administration

Vice President of Academic/Student Affairs

Ms. Kerry Conroy - Email

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Mr. Daniel Perez - Email

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs

Mr. Raymond Polanco - Email

Associate Dean and Campus Minister

Mr. Jerome Pannell - Email

Special Education Services

Mr. Jamie Selkirk - Email

Special Assistant to the Principal

Ms. Kimberly Santiago - Email

School Administrative Assistant/Attendance Officer

Ms. Carmen Santos - Email


Fine Arts and Technology

Ms. Ann Straub, Chairperson - Email
Mr. Joseph Alfano - Email
Mrs. Margaret De Rosa - Email


Ms. Patricia Toney, Chairperson - Email
Mr. Matthew Stark - Email
Mr. Corey Thomas - Email

Guidance Department

Ms. Beverly Fields, Chairperson - Email
Ms. Rosalie Cernaro - Email
Sr. Dolores Crepeau - Email
Ms. Sandra Sanchez - Email


Mr. Frank Ercole, Chairperson - Email
Ms. Rosalie Cernaro - Email
Mr. Brian Pally - Email
Mr. Nolan Sullivan - Email
(Also director of the LaSalleWorks program)
Dr. Catherine Guerriero - Email

Language Department

Mr. Robert Torres, Chairperson - Email
Br. Anwar Martinez, FSC - Email
Ms. Dana Ritterbeck - Email


Mr. John Titone, Chairperson - Email
Ms. Stephanie Carlsen - Email
Mrs. Yvette Masullo - Email
Ms. Ana-Maria Suzana Ritziu - Email

Physical Education and Health Sciences

Mr. Jerome Pannell, Chairperson - Email
Mr. Matthew Billings - Email
Mr. Michael Pagidas - Email
Mr. Thomas Schaller - Email

Religion Department

Br. Anwar Martinez, FSC, Chairperson - Email
Mr. Paul Cillo - Email
Mr. Brian Daley - Email

Science Department

Mr. Michael Dault, Chairperson - Email
Ms. Suzana Lipovac - Email
Mr. Michael Pagidas - Email
(Also Director of Bookstore / Ordering / Uniforms)

Lasallian Volunteer/Director of Resource Center

Mr. Matthew Billings - Email

Support Staff


Mr. Dean Milani - Email

Athletic Department

Athletic Director

Mr. Jerome Pannell - Email
(For contact information for each of our coaches, please contact AD Pannell)

Assistant Athletic Director

Mr. Frank Ercole - Email