Alumni News April 2021

Robert Lane

Class of 1958

In 2008, Robert Lane ’58 gave in and finally bought his first computer. It was then that he began to transfer and expand upon notes and memories that he had written down in a number of marble composition notebooks over the years. Originally, he only intended the text to benefit his children and grandchildren. “I wanted them to know what our lives were like growing up in the ‘40s and ‘50s,” Bob said. Reluctantly, he later agreed to have his writings published. The book, A Bay Ridge Life, is now available for purchase on Amazon. Bob says, “Just think, little Bobby Lane is now a published author just like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!”

David Lee Madison

Class of 1989

David Lee Madison ’89 developed his love for film as a very young man. By the age of five, he had already seen and loved all of the original Universal horror films. He got his first taste of filmmaking at age nine, when he was an extra in Hero at Large, a John Ritter film directed by Martin Davidson. More about Dave’s professional film career can be found on his IMDB page. Look out for Dave’s new film, Full Moon Fever, in theatres this October. Dave now resides in Milford, PA and has brought the Class of 1989 together for their 20th and 30th reunions, which were weekend-long events!

Jim Williams

Class of 1957

Jim Williams ’57, like many, found himself housebound with uninterrupted time to himself during the pandemic. He took that opportunity to finally live his dream of becoming a published fictional writer! Jim’s first published book, Beyond Hate, is available for purchase now on Amazon. Having lived in Bordentown, New Jersey for nearly 30 years, he owned area bars and restaurants and was a volunteer Burlington Court Mediator, handling over 2,500 mediations during his 15 years of volunteer service. He says, “I believe my life, and now my writings, would be an inspiration to older alumni who have a need to find a new way to gain purpose and continue to contribute.”