La Salle Supports

La Salle Supports


There are many programs that La Salle offers to support the various levels of ability within each student in every grade. The following programs include:

Summer Readiness Program

This four-week program prepares students for high school on both the academic and social level. It is available for all incoming freshmen and is mandatory for some as a condition of their acceptance to La Salle. The students are engaged in three academic courses (study skills, math and English). The program also includes one non-graded period; it is a Guidance/Transitional program that addresses skills such as time and anger management, orientation to school policies, including dress code, rules, etc., and recreation time.

CHIRP (Cardinal High Intensity Readiness Program)

Over the course of two weeks (Monday through Friday, July 17, 2017 through July 28, 2017 from 9am to 12pm with a registration fee of $150), CHIRP will effectively help Rising 8th Graders experience high school, both academically and socially. Students who participate in CHIRP will kick-off the fall with a big advantage—they will have a sense of preparedness and eagerness to move forward!

CHIRP’s key goal is to teach students high school skills with a focus on Mathematics, English, Study Skills, and Recreational Time. The program will also emphasize the importance of developing supportive peer relationships. This guidance is a critical step in helping reduce the stress incoming students may face as they enter into a new phase of their academic lives.

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This is a new, two-week enrichment program for high-achieving incoming freshmen. Students travel to educational sites around the city, including the Museum of Natural History and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. On campus, students participate in fun learning activities such as geocaching and early STEM instruction.

College Exploration Program

Available for rising juniors and seniors, this three-week program is designed to prepare students for the SAT exam and the college application process. Students also visit various universities in the New York City area and tour the campuses. In addition to the SAT Prep intensive in the summer college exploration program, La Salle also offers a menu of SAT prep classes for freshmen, sophomores and juniors during the academic school year.

SETSS/Special Education Support Services

La Salle Academy and Motivational Educators LLC work together to empower individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities to acquire the skills they need to access their post-secondary and work related goals. Direct SETSS instruction is provided to students with IESP’s on behalf of the NYCDOE in a caring and supportive environment, enabling students to remain in the General Education setting. Coordination with the local CSE office, parents and La Salle Academy is provided to ensure annual goals and testing accommodations remain up to date. SETSS students are also provided with: test-taking strategies, time management skills, study skills, communication skills, resume writing, SAT prep skills, and much more. Advocacy services are provided to inform parents and students of what they are entitled to and how to obtain services. La Salle Academy Accommodation Plans are written on site for students that fall under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and American Disabilities Act and are unable to obtain an IESP from the NYCDOE.

Resource Centers

Students have access to many resource centers after school—Academic, Math, Science, Technology and Writing—which offers tutoring, project development, homework assistance and test preparation. The Math Resource Center provides assistance in integrated algebra, algebra 2 and trigonometry. The Science Resource Center offers help in the natural and physical sciences. The Writing Resource Center provides one-on-one tutoring for students working on any kind of writing for any subject area in any stage of development.