Our Students

La Salle attracts students from all five boroughs of New York City as well as Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester County.

Breakdown of 2021-2022 Student Body by Ethnicity (as of October 2021)

42.8% Latino
22.3% Black
15.7% Asian
12.7% White
5.7% Multiracial
<1% Other

Breakdown of 2021-2022 Student Body by Geography (as of October 2021)

50.6% Manhattan
18.7% Brooklyn
13.1% Bronx
12.7% Queens
2.6% Staten Island
1.7% New Jersey
<1% Other

Breakdown of Current Freshmen Students by Type of Middle School Attended

56% Catholic School
29% Public School
13.5% Charter School
1.5% Boarding School

Class of 2021 Graduates

  • 68 students
  • 99% college acceptance rate
  • Over $12 million received in scholarships & grants for college

A Graduate of La Salle Academy will:

  • Be a person of faith, knowledgeable about the content and history of Catholic Christianity and his own faith tradition and committed to a life based on religious and ethical principles;
  • Think, read, and write critically, indicating the ability to engage ideas at an analytical level and evidencing preparedness for future academic endeavors;
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and the ongoing appreciation of learning for the sake of learning;
  • Possess a global conscience that will motivate and inform his commitment to the service of others, sense of stewardship, and work for social justice;
  • Respect himself and others as demonstrated through his recognition of the dignity of all persons and cultures and his commitment to the common good;
  • Be self-possessed, confident in his abilities, aware of areas for personal growth, and prepared and willing to serve in positions of leadership; and
  • Embody a sense of responsibility, accountability, and integrity to be demonstrated in all personal, academic, and professional efforts.

La Salle Academy believes that:

  • Our mission is to educate and serve young men of financially challenged families.
  • Authentic education must address and form all aspects of the human person: intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, emotional, and physical.
  • Effective instruction and curriculum cultivates critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, personal integrity, and responsibility in all students.
  • Our Catholic identity, as particularly embodied in the Lasallian tradition, should be recognized across the curriculum and incorporated in daily classroom activities and all extracurricular opportunities.
  • Gospel principles and Lasallian values supply the framework for which we provide opportunities for spiritual development and by which we evaluate decisions and policies affecting the school community.
  • We should educate students with equal consideration for each learner and with the level of support necessary for each student to reach the highest level of academic achievement.
  • Diversity, as expressed in ethnic, socioeconomic and religious ways, is a key element in building and fostering a community of socially responsible and culturally sensitive persons.
  • We must create a safe and educationally sound environment in which we serve as models of faith, compassion, and kindness.
  • We bear a responsibility to the wider community which requires that we emphasize global awareness, local community service, and a concern for peace and justice.
  • We are in partnership with parents, alumni, and community leaders in our endeavor to form good citizens and active church members.
  • Administration, faculty, and staff should constantly strive for the development of their own professional qualifications and knowledge base, participate in sharing best practice, and demonstrate commitment to innovation in order to motivate and empower students to achieve at their highest level.

Meet La Salle Students: