At La Salle, our partners enhance the academic experience inside and outside the classroom. La Salle is connected to several top colleges and universities, including St. John’s University, St. Francis College, engineering powerhouse The Cooper Union and our Lasallian affiliate, Manhattan College. We are also proud to call Microsoft our technology partner, which provides us with a sophisticated framework for our tablet program.

The Cooper Union

La Salle’s neighborhood partner, The Cooper Union’s Albert Nerken School of Engineering drives our esteemed STEAM (STEM with the Arts) program. Students in every grade have the opportunity to become steeped in STEAM curricula through several initiatives: Summer STEM Program, The STEM Days Program, STEM Saturdays, The Saturday ART Program, and the High School Innovators Program.

Manhattan College

Manhattan College’s Office of Campus Ministry coordinates annual retreats on their campus in Riverdale for La Salle Academy students and faculty. In addition, the college consistently hosts our championship-winning Cardinals at their Division-I level athletic facilities for practices and games. Future collaboration with our “uptown” Lasallian partner is inevitable.

St. Francis College

In the 2019-2020 academic year, La Salle Academy formed an academic partnership with Brooklyn-based St. Francis College. Students in our senior Creative Writing class have the option of earning 3 credits from St. Francis College for their work at La Salle. As a member of St. Francis College’s Bridge Program, La Salle’s Creative Writing Class is equivalent to its WRI 2100 Writing Fiction course.

St. John’s University

Another neighborhood partner, St. John’s University’s Manhattan campus sits just a few blocks away from La Salle on Astor Place. Through our partnership with one of the largest Catholic universities in the country, upperclassmen at La Salle will have the option to enroll in a dual-credit course. The course will have a business focus and will fulfill a pre-requisite for St. John’s Tobin College of Business, preparing our students for the world of economics, finance and accounting. The 1000-level course will be taught by a qualified member of our faculty on our campus. La Salle students will also have the chance to meet St. John’s professors and tour the Manhattan and Queens campuses of St. John’s.

Civic Spirit

Civic Spirit is a growing coalition of Jewish and Catholic independent schools in the New York City area committed to teaching civic virtues and building civic leadership in their educational communities. Through Civic Spirit, students learn to embrace the freedoms and responsibilities of citizenship in a country created by the people and for the people, the United States of America. Students in this program become Civic Scholars as they participate in a college-level seminar, influence their peers to amplify the civic spirit at La Salle Academy and complete a project in which they engage as citizens in the wider community.

Microsoft Corp.

This leading global technology provider powers La Salle’s Tablet program. Every incoming freshman receives a Microsoft Surface Pro that is utilized in a variety of ways to enrich the classroom experience. A Microsoft team provides La Salle with intense training on how to incorporate learning apps, online educational videos, e-textbooks and other tools.