School Uniforms

All uniforms for the 2024-2025 academic year must be purchased through Flynn O’Hara, the official school uniform provider of La Salle Academy. Click the “Shop Online” button below or view this form for additional ways to order your school uniform.

Winter Uniform

Spring Uniform


La Salle Academy views the dress code as an important aspect of our program. The nature of such a code is that it develops a sense of personal pride and responsibility. It reinforces the attitude that school is a serious place in which to work and learn. The dress code was also established to promote appropriate grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption to the educational process, learning environment, activity or performance and avoid safety hazards. Students shall be clean and appropriately dressed for a high school environment.  Moreover, as a preparation for professional life, La Salle Academy feels that it is important for students to become accustomed to certain standards of dress.

The Dress Code Includes the Following:

  • Dress Pants: Khakis (tan only-brown & other colors are not permitted) of a dress nature, worn at the waist with a black belt. Trousers that resemble jeans (outside pockets, etc.)  are not dress pants. Torn, frayed or trousers that are inadequately tailored are not to be worn.
  • Dress Shirt and Tie: A white Oxford dress shirt with long or short sleeves. The shirt must be tucked in and with the collar buttoned.  Turtlenecks and knit polo shirts are not acceptable even if they have a collar. Students are required to wear a tie.  Students may purchase and wear a school tie, or solid black tie only (no patterns). Ties may be purchased in the main office.
  • La Salle Sweater/Vest: Must be worn at all times. No sweatshirts of any type are allowed.
  • Leather Dress Shoes and Dress Socks that are black in color.  The following are unacceptable: Athletic shoes of any type, including the black leather Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Prada shoes made with mesh material or other athletic shoes, etc., athletic footwear.  Boots, canvas hiking shoes, and sandals are also unacceptable.  Sneakers are to be worn ONLY in gym class.

Fall & Spring Dress Code

During the warm weather students are not required to wear their sweater and tie. Students may wear a red La Salle polo shirt only. Long sleeve shirts are not to be worn under the polo shirt.

Students are to dress for success!