The Paul Francis Writing Center

Established in fall 2019, The Paul Francis Writing Center provides La Salle students with guidance from a trained faculty member on how to craft term papers, build resumes and write creatively. It doesn’t matter what grade a student is in or what topic he is writing about – The Paul Francis Writing Center can guide students through every stage of the writing process. By visiting the Writing Center, students will enhance their writing ability and technique. The ninth graders have a structured writing workshop that involves use of this resource and an elective in non-fiction writing is offered to seniors. Do you need someone to… • Help you come up with ideas for your Global assignment? • Review the first draft of your English paper? • Improve the organization of your college essay? • Proofread the final draft of your Social Justice paper? • Check your résumé for typos? • Help you find good research sources and avoid plagiarism? If so, make an appointment with the Writing Center, either during one of your free periods or after school. Meet with Mr. Krause, the director of the Writing Center, and the two of you will arrange a time that works for both of your schedules. Arrive to your appointment with a clean, double-spaced version of your paper, and Mr. Krause will walk you through editing it.