International Lasallian Days of Peace

La Salle Academy’s August Recap

Refresh La Salle

Approximately a year and a half ago was the last time the full contingent of La Salle students came to 215 E 6th Street for class. As we anticipated welcoming back all our Cardinals for the 2021-2022 academic year, we realized that some of the challenges ahead will relate to the social and emotional well-being of the young men whom we serve. We wanted them to return to a familiar, yet different, place where they feel at home in a refreshed environment.

Our space, which has been pretty much vacant and devoid of life since we sent our students home for the last time in March 2020, appeared a bit faded and tired. Some areas required a fresh coat of paint, others called for a dash of pizazz, and still others needed a significant makeover. During the summer months, some students volunteered to come in for “Days of Service” and helped our staff transform the appearance of stairwells, corridors, and classrooms. In particular, the new look of our entryway clearly offers a celebration of life at La Salle Academy once you cross the threshold.

Preparing the building for full occupancy has associated expenses for labor and supplies, as well as food for the students who volunteered their time. Will you make a donation towards the cost of refreshing our school? While not glamorous, it is a necessary project that will enhance our message of welcome and enable us to begin our year in a vibrant way. The brightened look and feel of our common space will affirm for our students that we’re back together and it’s a new beginning. The results of this project will make a lasting impression on all who enter our building at 215 E 6th Street.

I appreciate your consideration of my request and assure you of my prayers.


Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC


P.S. All our years are in some ways exceptional. We recognize what has happened in the last two and we move forward with confidence and enthusiasm. “Back to school” in 2021 is unique! Contribute to assure our students they are welcome as they return to La Salle this fall.

La Salle Academy’s July Recap

Lasallian Youth Assembly

On Thursday, July 15th, the Lasallian Region of North America hosted a virtual Lasallian Youth Assembly. This assembly included 125 high school students from across the United States. Lasallian Youth groups exist in Lasallian schools like ours. Members seek understanding of themselves and the world. They search for this understanding through activities of faithservice, and community.

La Salle Academy was well-represented with the participation of five students: Alejandro A. ‘22, Matheus D. ‘24, Eamon M. ‘23, Aaron P. ‘22, and Rowan T. ’24. These young men were joined by Brother Richard Galvin, FSC, La Salle’s new campus minister. Rising senior, Aaron P. served as La Salle’s spokesperson, introducing the group and leading us in a cheer, “We Are La Salle!” The assembly’s theme was “Mapping Our Way Forward.” It began at 12:00 pm and ended at 5:30 pm. The afternoon consisted of opening and closing ceremonies and prayer as well as breakout sessions and two keynote presentations. Pictured are Matheus D. (3rd Row, 1st frame), Rowan T. ( 2nd Row, 3rd frame), and Br. Richard (1st Row, 4th frame.)  All students are encouraged to consider joining La Salle Academy’s Lasallian Youth Group in September!

La Salle Academy’s June Recap

La Salle Academy’s May Recap

La Salle Academy’s April Recap

La Salle Academy Launches Official “La Salle NY” App

In an effort to better serve you, our current students and their families, we have spent the last two months developing an App that is linked to our Student Information System and we are proud to announce its launch! The La Salle NY app will allow you easier access to many of the features you currently have when you login to FACTS, but once you login on the app, you will not have to login again. Once you login on the App as a parent or a student, you will have easier access to grades, attendance, homework, behavior, calendar, announcements and a myriad of other features.

The app is currently available in the Apple App Store and available for Android phones in the Play Store. Here is how to download and access the app:

  1. Download the app from your phone’s app store.
  2. Create a profile for yourself. Creating a profile is a simple but important step, as it allows us to customize the notifications you receive via the app.
  3. When you select any category that is a “Responsive SIS Category,” it will ask you to log on as a parent or student and then you will be logged in to all areas and have access to all of your or your son’s information. The District Code is LSA-NY. Use your existing FACTS Username and Password.
  4. Have fun!

Please feel free to complete the survey in the survey section of the app or via this link.

Reach out to Mr. Pannell at or 212-475-8940 ext. 306 with any questions.

Plan for the 4th Quarter

Dear La Salle Academy Community, 

Thank you to all who replied to the 4th quarter survey. We look forward to welcoming more students back in person. Our classes will resume on April 12th (spring dress code begins then, too) and the 4th quarter will begin on April 19th.   

We have experienced a very difficult year together with great tragedy and loss, from a pandemic that is not yet over, to acts of racially motivated hate that continue.  La Salle Academy stands against all acts of racism and hate. Our Christian faith, summed up in the feast of Easter, involves a belief in new life and in a commitment to come together as brothers and sisters. That is the message we proclaim and the example we model at La Salle. 

I wish you and your family a happy Easter! 


​Ms. Kerry Conroy


La Salle Academy’s March Recap

Raising Our Resilience

Two brothers. Two parents. Two countries. Those pairings come together surrounded by one pandemic and form a story that characterizes 2020 at La Salle Academy.

Roberto and Manuel are both gifted and diligent students who benefit from the talent of our teachers and the ethos of our school. Each is the recipient of a merit scholarship. Each receives financial aid as well. They live with their mother, Marta, and communicate with their father who lives in his native country. He was here in New York with his family, and employed, before he was deported. The fiscal responsibility for Marta and her sons became her obligation. The economic consequences of the pandemic increased the burden she had to bear. She alerted Mary Anne Glassen in our Business Office to the challenge she was experiencing in paying the monthly tuition installment for her sons. Thanks to you, our benefactors, we were able to ease her burden, reduce the amount she owed, and prevent Roberto and Manuel from leaving La Salle, the school of opportunity. 

Similar good news was conveyed to 32 other families who, likewise, sought relief when faced with the bill they had to pay La Salle for the education provided. In order to serve a significant segment of the clientele our mission calls us to serve, we offer tuition assistance from the start of a family’s relationship with us and we have learned we must be prepared to augment it when an aberration like the events of 2020 upsets our world. Your contributions enable us to make life a bit easier for our students, while still covering our operating expenses.

Please consider making a gift today to help students like Roberto and Manuel. You can text MISSION to 91999 from your cell phone, click here to make a gift through our website, or you can send a check to La Salle Academy, 215 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10003 ATTN: Development Office.

I started this message referencing two brothers, two parents, and two countries. I cited the role you play in providing a positive impact for our students and their families. I conclude by asserting we are linked as one La Salle. Let us continue to stand tall and proud together!

Gratefully, with prayers and best wishes,

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. I have changed the names of the individuals mentioned in my message to respect their privacy. What is not changed, is the way the Easter message of hope comes alive for this family, and for all at La Salle, because of your generosity and prayers. I wish you a blessed Easter as well.

Five Students Selected for Job Opportunity Program

The Job Opportunity Program (JOP), under the auspices of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund, provides rising seniors the opportunity to develop skills that will support them during the college application process and in the future as they enter the workforce.

This highly selective program has been affiliated with La Salle Academy for decades, and former participants have found their involvement as being immeasurable on myriad levels. The application process in itself is a rigorous experience, therefore, the applicants require motivation and interest to do so.  Students engage in six mandatory 90-minute workshops on such topics as resume writing, interviewing skills, self- assessment, representing themselves in the work environment, etc.

The following juniors, from the Class of 2022, have successfully completed the application and are this year’s JOP enrolled participants from La Salle Academy: Stanley E., Ralphie F., David G., Ernesto M. and Frank R.


La Salle Will Move to Hybrid Learning Model in 2nd Semester

Dear Parents and Guardians,   

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to navigate this challenging year! Your commitment to your son’s educational experience has been excellent. As promised, we have taken two months to determine the direction of the remainder of the 2020 – 2021 academic year.

After a great deal of consideration, we have decided that we will be entering into a hybrid plan for the second half of the year. You have the option of having your son participate in this plan that involves some in-person instruction, or you may choose to continue the fully remote option that is currently occurring. Please note, if you decide to keep your son home, the next opportunity to opt for in-person classes will not be until the next quarter (the 4th quarter begins April 19th). If your son begins in-person education, and after starting, you change your mind, notify the Main Office and he will be reassigned as a student who is learning fully remotely.     

The proposed schedule and accompanying notes are below. As you will see, we attempted to keep things similar to the schedule we have now to provide some form of consistency in this time.

La Salle Academy – 3rd Quarter Schedule & Details:   

Monday – Wednesday* – Friday      

  • A – 8:00 – 9:15 (first 15 minutes will be used as homeroom)   
  • B – 9:25 – 10:25    
  • C – 10:35 – 11:35    
  • D – 11:45 – 12:45    
  • Lunch – 12:45 -1:20    
  • E – 1:30 – 2:30    

* All students will be taught remotely on Wednesdays*  

Tuesday – Thursday   

  • F – 8:00 – 9:45 (first 15 minutes will be used as homeroom)   
  • G – 9:55 – 11:25    
  • Lunch – 11:25 – 12:00    
  • H – 12:15 – 1:45    

  • Homeroom will be eliminated as we know it now. Prayer, announcements, and attendance will now take place during periods A and F (the first periods of the day). This eliminates a transition time.    
  • Students will move around the building between all periods. It will be the responsibility of the teacher and students to wipe down each student desk between each period. Wipes or paper towels and a spray bottle will be provided. Teachers will either hand each student a wipe or paper towel (in this case the teacher will spray each desk). The student is responsible for cleaning his desk before he leaves the room.    
  • The structure of our building and placement of stairwells requires two-way hallways. Students will be instructed to keep to the right and signage will be posted.    
  • We will work in a model that would probably not have more than 12 students in a room. Some rooms allow for more students, but we will work this out. Social distancing (6 feet) of desks will take place. That is what will determine the number of desks in a room.    
  • Students would be allowed to begin entering the building at 7:15 am.    
  • Students will enter the building through the fire exit on 6th Street. This is the stairwell at the back of the cafeteria (behind the back wall) that enters into the gym. Students will have their temperatures taken in the gym. Students who arrive early will stay in the cafeteria, socially distanced, until an appropriate time for them to be allowed upstairs. We will place the check-in table towards the middle of the gym or against the back wall. This will allow students indoor space to line up socially distanced for temp checks. If they do not meet the screening criteria, parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child. They will not come upstairs.    
  • Parents must complete a Covid screening questionnaire for their child each morning he will come to the building. We will use an app for this. The specific app is being chosen by administration.    
  • Students will be allowed to use lockers for the storage of their coats and umbrellas only. No books will be stored there. They will only go to their lockers at the start of and end of day.    
  • There is only one lunch period. This is the only way to keep the schedule concept we have right now. This requires that some students eat in the cafeteria and some students eat in classrooms. Students can bring lunch or have the lunch provided by the lunch program.   
  • To create the lunch period, the time between classes had to be shortened. There are now 10 minutes between each period. This will allow time for staggered dismissals from the rooms between periods (different grade levels every minute or two). It will reduce the number of students in the hall at one time.    
  • Students must keep their masks on at all times except when they are eating lunch.    
  • Classes are taught synchronously (students at home and students in the building are taking the class at the same time). The exception for this is PE. Mr. Schaller will teach only the students in-person at the assigned time. The students learning remotely will be given assignments. The WiFi connection and other restrictions in the gym do not allow synchronous education for PE to be an option.    
  • Students will be allowed to wear their gym clothes to school on the days they have PE. This will eliminate the need for the use of locker rooms/changing. They will be allowed to bring a shirt to change into after gym if they would like. Clothing guidelines will be provided to them.    
  • Students will likely come in 2 days per week. Either Mon/Tues or Thurs/Fri. All students will be taught remotely on Wednesdays. This may change depending on the number of students who want in-person education.    
  • Students who have free periods will be assigned to a study hall. Seniors will not be allowed out of the building for free periods.    
  • The schedule presented will be in effect from the date we start hybrid education through the balance of the school year, regardless of whether we are fully remote, hybrid, or all in-person.   
  • Clubs will run. Those in person will attend in person. Those at home can participate online.    
  • If a student or faculty/staff member tests positive for COVID, the school will revert to full remote education for 2 weeks. Deep cleaning and contact tracing will occur.    
  • There will be a room on the 1st floor designated for students who become ill during the day. This room will be shared by St. George and the pre-k. It is our hope that it will not need to be used, but is there if we need it.    
  • Dismissal will be staggered to avoid crowded halls.    

The rollout of this will be as follows: 

  • Feb 1-5 – Teachers only in the building teaching from there for the week. This allows faculty to adjust to teaching from the classroom and learn the new schedule. Students will continue to learn from home this week. 
  • Feb 8-12 – students in building (all remote on Wed) 
  • Feb 15- 19 – Winter break – no classes 
  • Feb 22 – back in school 

We believe this to be the best rollout plan, as it allows for an “easing in” to the new process. We will have a week without students in the building, a week with the students, and then a week off. The week off will also allow us all time to make any necessary adjustments. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

Best regards,  

Ms. Kerry Conroy
La Salle Academy
215 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-475-8940, ext. 214

La Salle Academy’s December Recap

Joshua M. ’22 Wins Essay Contest

Middle, high school and college students in NYC had a chance to win $500 in Schneps Media’s “Your Voice, Your View Point” essay contest by sharing a story of their personal experience with racism. Our very own Joshua M. ’22 (pictured here with his mom) submitted the essay below and won! Congratulations!

My first experience with racism was in 4th grade when my teacher assumed that because I am Hispanic, I could not speak English. This incident happened at the second parent teacher conference with my mom, my aunt, and my teacher. My mom and my aunt went into the classroom as I waited outside. About 20 minutes later, my mom came out of the room with a furious look on her face and told me to go inside.

As soon as I went inside, my teacher asked me if I was struggling in any of my classes. I told her I am not struggling but my teacher disagreed. She assumed because I did not talk very much, I did not know any English. My teacher then told my mom that there was a language barrier. English has always been my first and only language and my family does not speak Spanish. My teacher, insisted, however that I should be evaluated because she felt that there was a language barrier.

A couple weeks later my mother decided to transfer me because the teacher insisted that English was not my first language. The teacher never considered the fact that I may have been a shy student who felt nervous to participate in class. She instead judged me according to my appearance. Up to this day, I wonder if my teacher would have judged a shy white kid as she judged me.

La Salle Academy’s November Recap

My COVID Story

When I woke up from a two-month coma on May 16th, I had three thoughts: my son, my mother, and La Salle Academy’s commencement ceremony.

Back in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City, I had no idea I would be one of the millions personally affected by the virus. I spent a total of 101 days in the hospital fighting for my life, so to say I am thankful to be alive today is an understatement!

I am incredibly grateful to have made it to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on August 13th to watch La Salle’s Class of 2020 receive their diplomas; a special moment for their families and for me. As the graduates marched down the aisle to exit the Cathedral, I sat in the back to greet them. When I saw Amadou, I was overcome with emotion. I watched Amadou grow from a boy in the third grade to a young man who has excelled both academically and athletically. Amadou truly believed, promoted, and enhanced the brotherhood that has existed at La Salle for more than 172 years. At that moment, I realized that Amadou – and all the young men entrusted to our care – were the ones who gave me the strength to beat the coronavirus. My calling to continue impacting generations of young people was stronger than COVID-19.

Here at La Salle, my colleagues share the same passion. The commitment isn’t a superficial one; it is one that we make from the core of our being and one that truly becomes part of the fabric of our DNA. Collectively, we make decisions and sacrifices that result in what is best for the young men we serve – they are what matters.

Help us to continue to answer the call by making a contribution to the Lasallian Fund this Thanksgiving. You can click here, text LASALLE to 41444 from your cell phone, or send a check made payable to La Salle Academy to 215 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10003, ATTN: Development Office.

As we continue through this tumultuous year, let us all give thanks for what we do have: each other. That is the blessing that is bestowed upon us as we weather the storms of life. Thank you.


Jerome Pannell
Assistant Principal for Student Services

La Salle Academy’s October Recap

Plan for the 2nd Quarter

Thank you for your replies to our survey regarding the proposed plan for the 2nd quarter. We had an 88.5% return rate. That is fantastic. I appreciate the comments and questions. Below is a summary of that parent feedback.   

  • 62% of the respondents did not feel comfortable with their son participating in in-person classes for the 2nd quarter. Some of those saw the plan as good, but just believed it is too soon to implement it.   
  • 38% of the respondents said they did feel comfortable, but some of those stated that they would feel more confident if the plan began later in the school year.   
  • Other parents indicated there was a concern that the high quality of the education that is being provided right now would change with the attention being split between two groups (those at home and those in the classroom) at the same time.   

Given those numbers, the concern of and for some faculty members, the COVID hot spots that have occurred, potential civic unrest with the election, the coming winter season, travel and visiting that takes place during the holidays, it was determined that it was best to continue with the full remote education plan for the 2nd quarter. In early January, we will reassess to see if it is feasible to engage in the hybrid plan for the 3rd quarter, and perhaps even have students come in for mid-term exams.   

We miss the students in the building, but feel that this is the best plan for La Salle Academy at this time. Please continue to keep the lines of communication open. We want to continue to support one another through this.   


​Ms. Kerry Conroy

La Salle Academy Events Update

September Recap

LSA4U Series

August Recap

La Salle Academy Celebrates 171st Commencement Exercises Socially Distanced at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Members of La Salle Academy’s Class of 2020 ended their memorable senior year with their graduation ceremony at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Thursday, August 13th.

The ceremony begins at the 19:15 mark

Graduation exercises were delayed by more than two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these unprecedented times, the 74 seniors in La Salle’s Class of 2020 completed their senior year with resilience and optimism. They collectively received over $15 million in grants and scholarships for college and will be attending some of the nation’s best four-year universities, including Boston College, Manhattan College, Syracuse University and Temple University. For a complete list, please visit

Steven Dumeng ’20, who will be attending Boston College, and Elijah Perez-Mendez ’20, who is headed to Fairfield University, are the Class of 2020’s Co-Valedictorians.

“I am glad we were able to provide this opportunity for our seniors. Although the timing was unprecedented, the spirit was familiar. I hope those who participated remotely via livestream felt the joy associated with participating in this rite of passage,” said Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC, President of La Salle Academy.

“It was so important to be able to provide the seniors with this experience,” said Ms. Kerry Conroy, Principal of La Salle. “While the ceremony took on a slightly different format, the simple act of being together in the Cathedral sparked an array of emotions for all of us. It was a beautiful night.”

La Salle Academy is a college preparatory Catholic high school that serves a culturally diverse group of students from all five boroughs that celebrates a spirit of brotherhood grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers. For more information about La Salle Academy contact Ismini Scouras at 212-475-8940 ext. 204, email or visit

Class of 2020 Co-Valedictorians, Steven Dumeng (left) and Elijah Perez-Mendez (right), speak at La Salle Academy’s 171st Commencement Exercises held at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral held on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

In Memoriam: Brother Ralph Darmento, FSC

July Recap

Remote Learning Extended Through Fall 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Thank you for your replies and participation in the re-opening survey. After reviewing the results of all surveys (both the faculty/staff and parent), NYS guidelines and CDC recommendations, and looking at current Covid-19 numbers across the country, out of an abundance of caution for health and safety, we have decided to begin the school year with remote education for the first quarter. During the first quarter, we will reassess the situation and the possibilities of hybrid classes moving forward.

From March through June, La Salle Academy did a commendable job of emergency remote education with almost no notice. As we move forward to begin the 2020-2021 school year, we are developing plans to improve upon the good work we did in the spring. Teachers will receive additional training and will conduct more live classes via Microsoft Teams and/or Google Meet. The administrative team is developing a class schedule that will fit our distance learning needs. Those details will be communicated to you when they are available.

We will offer virtual opportunities for extracurricular activities (clubs) and support services. The Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) has postponed the start of any possible fall season until late September. As more news from the CHSAA is made available to us, we will pass that along.

There will be the need for all students to come in for an orientation day during which books and tablets will be distributed, along with other pertinent information. This will be conducted with the appropriate guidelines (masks, social distancing, smaller groups, etc.). The schedule of those days and all details will be sent out to you at a later date but will not take place before September 8th.

Please reach out with any questions. We will continue to keep you updated throughout the summer as more details are available. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey.


Kerry Conroy

La Salle Academy Secures Future With Property Sale

Proceeds earmarked for school’s endowment

New York, N.Y., July 16, 2020 – In a move that will secure the future of La Salle Academy, one of the oldest all-male Catholic high schools in New York City, La Salle New York City, Inc. has completed the sale of 38 Second Avenue, its administration building on the corner of Second Street and Second Avenue (the Annex) in the East Village of Manhattan.

The property offers 17,415 buildable square feet and sold for $14.5 million, or $833 per buildable square foot. Avison Young’s Marty Cottingham, Principal, and Brandon Polakoff, Senior Director, negotiated the sale on behalf of La Salle New York City, Inc. The buyer was Second and Second Property LLC.

A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale are earmarked for La Salle Academy’s endowment fund, boosting the school’s financial stability and its ability to meet the growing needs of the segment of its student population who require tuition assistance. La Salle Academy, which currently occupies the top three floors of St. George’s Ukrainian School on East 6th Street off Second Avenue, will continue to operate at its present location. La Salle New York City, Inc., in conjunction with the Board’s Executive Committee and the District of Eastern North America (DENA) of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers), are committed to sustaining the mission of La Salle Academy, which has been serving immigrants and the sons of immigrants in lower Manhattan for more than 172 years. 

La Salle New York City, Inc., the owner of the Annex property, in collaboration with the Executive Committee of La Salle Academy’s Board of Trustees and the District of Eastern North America (DENA) of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers), capitalized on the opportunity to sell its valuable asset following the recent sale of Archdiocesan properties that share the block with the Annex on Second Avenue. 

Brother Thomas Casey, FSC, current President of La Salle Academy, remarked enthusiastically, “This sale will benefit La Salle students far into the future.” 

“This transaction will be a game-changer for La Salle Academy,” said Cottingham, a graduate of La Salle Academy who serves as Co-Vice Chairman on the Board of Trustees. “By earmarking a significant portion of the proceeds for the endowment, we are ensuring that the school will remain viable and continue to serve students for many years to come.”

La Salle purchased the Annex property in 1966 to provide additional space for its large population of students during that era. Since 2010, the Annex served as the home of the Brothers’ Community that was associated with the school and provided office space for some members of the school’s administrative staff. 

La Salle Academy’s former school building and Brothers’ Residence on Second Street, which is currently leased by the Nord Anglia International School, are not included in the transaction. Nord Anglia’s lease expires in 2025; however, the elite international school has two five-year options to renew its lease with La Salle New York City, Inc.

La Salle Academy is a college preparatory Catholic high school that serves a culturally diverse group of students from all five boroughs that celebrates a spirit of brotherhood grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers. For more information about La Salle Academy contact Ismini Scouras at 212-475-8940 ext. 204, email or visit


The mission of La Salle Academy, a rigorous college-preparatory high school, is to educate students of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds with special outreach to those most in need. We provide a nurturing environment, which fosters spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical growth in the Roman Catholic tradition and the Lasallian spirit, as embodied in Saint John Baptist de La Salle. We create experiences of community within the school and encourage each student to develop his gifts and talents for his own growth, as well as to engage in the caring service of others, through its academic, extra-curricularand spiritual programs.

Avison Young is the world’s fastest-growing commercial real estate services firm. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Avison Young is a collaborative, global firm owned and operated by its Principals. Founded in 1978, with legacies dating back more than 200 years, the company comprises thousands of real estate professionals in more than 100 offices around the world. The firm’s experts provide value-added, client-centric investment sales, leasing, advisory, management and financing services to clients across the office, retail, industrial, multi-family and hospitality sectors. Avison Young is a 2020 winner of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies Platinum Club designation, having retained its Best Managed designation for nine consecutive years.

Summer Reading Lists and Assignments

June Recap

Embrace. Educate. Empower.

June 11, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle Academy:

A week ago tonight, 74 young men in La Salle Academy’s Class of 2020, would have walked down the aisle at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan to receive their diplomas after four years of hard work. While COVID-19 restrictions thwarted our plans, our graduates will receive their diplomas in the Cathedral at a later date, tentatively August 13th.

The unexpected delay has not stopped the forward momentum of La Salle Academy’s Class of 2020. Our shared belief in our school’s mission and our successful association on behalf of these men catalyzed the transformation of this very special class. We have embraced them. We have educated them. We have empowered them. Now, we celebrate them!

Donate today and continue to work with us in building a better world. Text LSAEMPOWERS to 41444 or click here to be one of 74 participants in our campaign to honor the 74 members of the Class of 2020.

Give $5.00 or $50.00 – whatever the amount, your contribution counts, and will make a significant impact on our school and the young men we embrace, educate, and empower with the gift of a quality, Catholic college preparatory education.


Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. Follow along with us through the rest of the month as we share testimonials from our newest alumni on social media.

Class of 2024: Welcome to La Salle!

Dear La Salle Academy Class of 2024:

As you complete the last month of middle school, you are probably starting to think about what your experience at La Salle Academy will be like. Many of our seniors had the same thoughts as you at this time four years ago. Fast-forward to today, and they have no regrets about their choice to attend La Salle Academy. They have made memories and friends to last a lifetime. And you will, too!

Please see the welcome video messages from some of our seniors:

We are excited to welcome you, and have some important updates about the start of the academic year at La Salle Academy.

Get Ready…Get Set…

Traditionally, we hosted a Cardinal Readiness Program in the summer with the goal of preparing our incoming students to meet the social and academic expectations we have at La Salle. Some students were required to participate because it was a condition of their acceptance to La Salle Academy. All students were invited and encouraged to be a part of this activity.

Because of the uncertainty regarding the guidelines for social distancing, and our concern for the health and safety of everyone, we created an alternative to Cardinal Readiness this year. Students who were accepted conditionally and informed they had to come to school in July are now fully accepted.

We call our new experience Get Ready…Get Set…, and every young man entering ninth grade at La Salle Academy is expected to participate from home. It’s free and parents are welcome, too!

Get Ready…Get Set…is a series of Zoom meetings scheduled to begin on Wednesday, June 24, 2020. Our Class of 2024 will be divided into small groups of about 15 students each for these sessions. A member of our staff will host each meeting. You will learn about various aspects of our school, have opportunities to ask questions, and meet some of your classmates virtually.

When the schedule is finalized, we will inform you via email about when and how to log in to Get Ready…Get Set… and go forward with your experience at La Salle Academy!


Our school uniform provider is FlynnO’Hara Uniforms. Visit its website at for instructions on how to order uniforms online. The following flyers contain additional details about FlynnO’Hara’s uniform services:
Summer 2020 Flyer for Families – FlynnO’Hara Uniforms
Summer 2020 Flyer for Families – FlynnO’Hara Uniforms – Spanish

In the meantime, I am always available to answer your questions via email at

Enjoy the final weeks of middle school. We will see you soon!

Thank you!


Kerry Conroy

La Salle Academy’s Spring 2020 Literary Magazine

La Salle Academy’s senior Creative Writing class recently published the first edition of their Literary Magazine. Click here to view the Spring 2020 edition.

La Salle Academy Featured in Catholic NY

Friday, June 5, 2020 – La Salle Academy was recently featured in Thursday’s edition of Catholic NY. Click here to see the advertisement on page 32!

A Call from Home: LSA Senior Breakfast

On the morning of Wednesday, June 3rd, the graduating Class of 2020 “gathered” together on a Zoom call for a virtual Senior Breakfast. The Senior Breakfast is a long-standing tradition at La Salle Academy, usually held the day before graduation in the school gymnasium for seniors to celebrate the end of high school, reminisce with classmates and be welcomed as La Salle Academy alumni.

More than 110 students, parents, faculty and staff joined together virtually to celebrate the Class of 2020. The event began with a prayer as always and Principal, Ms. Kerry Conroy followed with a few words of affirmation and hope for the future.

“It is my sincere hope that you will take all of the knowledge you have gained, the talents you have discovered, and the passion that has been fueled in your experiences at La Salle and that you will use them to serve this world and make it a better place” -Ms. Kerry Conroy, Principal

The fun continued with a slideshow of photos from the past four years and a presentation of “Silly Awards” like “most likely to be on television” and “most dramatic.” Afterward, Mr. Stark, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, highlighted the great academic achievements of the Class of 2020, especially Co-Valedictorians, Elijah Perez-Medez and Steven Dumeng. A presentation followed, which highlighted where the 2020 graduates will be attending college.

Brother Thomas Casey, President of La Salle Academy, ended the presentation with these words:

“Your graduation is our claim as La Salle Academy that you are ready to step away from high school and bring that message of brotherhood to the world.”

Although this was not the ending to their senior year that they expected, La Salle Academy’s Class of 2020 was still able to celebrate from a distance. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Graduation Day: A Note from Joshua Nolberto ’20

We made it! We completed high school. Today would have been our graduation day from La Salle Academy. These last four years were filled with challenges, good memories, and preparations for the future. We will always be La Salle’s one and only Class of 2020.

La Salle will forever be a special place for me and my classmates because no matter who we were when we first arrived as freshmen, we were accepted and guided into becoming the mature young men we are now at the end of our senior year. Although our last year of high school was cut short, resulting in us being separated, we are still brothers. Together, we can be the world’s light through the darkness of COVID-19 and leave an impact that no other class has. The perseverance and motivation that we demonstrated this year by signing in daily while at home and completing our schoolwork showed people in this world that this class will have an auspicious future. Not only has La Salle prepared us for the rigors of college, but it has given us the tools to withstand difficult circumstances alone and with the love and support of our brotherhood. This bond will last a lifetime.

One of the themes that I live by and want to share with you all is, “We’ve found our wings; now it’s time to fly.” Now that my classmates and I are high school graduates, it is time to use the knowledge and skills we’ve gained over the past four years at La Salle and make a difference in the real world. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spread our wings and fly.
Best Wishes,

Joshua Nolberto ’20
Senior Class President

P.S. I will be attending SUNY Potsdam this fall. Click here to see where my classmates will be going to college.

Senior, Steven Dumeng, Featured on Telemundo

La Salle Academy senior, Steven Dumeng, was recently featured in an interview on Telemundo 47. Steven is one of the co-valedictorians of the Class of 2020 and will be a first-generation college student at Boston College in fall 2020. In the interview, Steven expresses his wish to honor his family and his Puerto Rican heritage. He realized the importance of hard work as he began his high school career and that character trait has seen him through to his current success.  Click here to view the interview.

La Salle Academy May Recap

Friday, May 29, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle Academy,

As is true with our classroom instruction, we have also embraced technology in other aspects of life at La Salle. “Zoom” and “virtual” are now dominant words in our lexicon! Imagine college guidance sessions conducted in small groups for juniors and their parents by our College Advisor, Ms. Rosalie Cernaro! Consider our Director of Admissions, Mr. Anthony Chin, recruiting without leaving his apartment! He is a regular participant on panels addressing prospective La Salle Academy students and their parents about the benefits of enrolling at our school. Read below about more creative connections that have Cardinals communicating in cyberspace.


Our COVID-19 appeal ran from April 9th to May 7th and raised over $18,000 to help our families with tuition assistance! Thank you to all of the generous benefactors who contributed to this much-needed cause during this challenging time.

Our school’s experience with distance learning was featured in amNY this month. Both the print and online version ran the story. Click here to read the article.

While we cannot physically be together right now, Mr. Rosich wanted to create a sense of community with his students. To do so, he conducted a scavenger hunt for the young men to find items in their homes. Read about the hunt here.


On May 15th, we celebrated the traditional feast day of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the namesake of our school and the founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Click here to read more and to view more of our students’ artwork.

Our Annual Athletic Awards Ceremony occurred this past Wednesday evening over Zoom. More than 110 families joined the call to hear from coaches and cheer on teammates as the student athletes were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in sports this year. Special thanks to Assistant Athletic Director, Coach Chris Washington, for creating the program and serving as Master of Ceremonies.


Over 300 submissions from 13 different elementary, middle and high schools in the New York City area comprise our 32nd Annual Art Expo. This year, the event is being held in cyberspace. To scroll through the gallery and view the winning entries, visit our website on Monday, June 1st.

Technology was tapped in still more ways. For example, the students in our five Advanced Placement classes (US Government, Calculus, English, US History, and Spanish) all took their exams online. A total of 46 students sat at home and “wrote” a total of 71 tests. I, too, had the opportunity to participate in a Zoom meeting that announced our 2020 co-valedictorians in the presence of their family members. Kudos to co-valedictorians Elijah Perez-Mendez and Steven Dumeng! These high achieving students will continue their studies at Fairfield University and Boston College, respectively.

School has changed dramatically in just three months, yet we have moved forward and remained connected. La Salle Academy is vibrant and vital!

Stay safe and be well. You are in my prayers.

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. Attention Alumni! We are selling yearbooks (if available) from 2019 and earlier for $50 inclusive of shipping. If you would like to purchase a yearbook, please contact Zenaida Sonberg at 212-475-8940 ext. 205 or to coordinate your purchase.

La Salle Academy Featured in AM New York

Check out this article in AM New York featuring La Salle Academy’s model for distance learning:

La Salle Students Find Sense of Community Despite Distance Learning

Distance learning can sometimes make it difficult to remember the tight-knit community that makes La Salle Academy so special. Many, if not most students speak about the brotherhood they have found as a student at La Salle Academy. This brotherhood is seen in the hallways, in the classroom, and on the athletic fields and courts. Teachers and students have found a way to create this sense of community even while practicing social distancing. Mr. Rosich is one of those teachers.

While students cannot be physically together, Mr. Rosich wanted to create a sense of community. On Thursday, May 14th, he conducted a scavenger hunt for students to find items in their homes. Each round had a point system associated with the items. The student coming in first place would have the opportunity to remove their lowest grade from the semester. The second-place winner would win a pizza party when returning to school.

Mr. Rosich began the first round by asking the students to find some hard-to-find items like six rolls of toilet paper and a can of disinfectant spray. During each round, students ran frantically around their homes in hopes of finding the required items to win the most points. This activity brought a smile to everyone’s face and brought back a sense of brotherhood and community during this unprecedented time.

La Salle Academy Celebrates Founder’s Day

Friday, May 15, 2020 – Today, La Salle Academy celebrates Founder’s Day, the founding of The Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Feast Day of St. John Baptiste de La Salle. To celebrate, students sent artwork and letters to the Christian Brothers in the Brothers retirement community in Maryland. Students wrote heart-felt letters to show their support of the retired Christian Brothers in Maryland. Raymond Roy ’20 wrote, “The work and sacrifice that the Brothers put forth in order to serve the community is humbling and makes me glad that I decided to enroll in La Salle Academy four years ago.” See below for student artwork in honor of Founder’s Day.

There will be a Founder’s Day prayer service held over Zoom today at 12 noon. For details and to learn more about Founder’s Day, click here.

Warren Grant ’20

Jose Gonzalez ’20

Tanis Martinez ’22

Jean Suarez ’22

Appeal Results and Week 8 Update

May 11, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle Academy,

I am pleased to announce the results of our COVID-19 appeal that ran from April 9th through May 7th. We raised over $18,000 in donations from 68 generous alumni and friends! Thank you for your impactful contributions. During this unprecedented time, our students and their families are struggling. While these funds will not fix the problems presented to our community, they will certainly help us breathe a bit easier until we are back in the classroom together again.

Regrettably, it has been more than eight weeks since I last saw a La Salle Academy student in person. I miss the daily interaction with our young men. Teaching is inherently relational, and our Lasallian tradition directs us to focus attention on each pupil. Saint John Baptist de La Salle wrote “Know your students individually and be able to understand them” (Meditation 33.1). A goal articulated in our Mission Statement says, “We create experiences of community within the school.” It is harder in the current circumstances to witness and experience how successful we have been in touching the heart of each student and provide him with a sense of being part of a larger, caring environment. We continue to do our best to remind him that La Salle Academy is a place where he is welcomed, respected, and loved. Are we successful?

Just the other day as I wondered about this, I received an email from Theo Noble. He is a senior, an honor student, a varsity basketball player, and a student government leader. Theo tells me:

“When I chose to attend to La Salle Academy the summer before my freshman year, I knew little to nothing about La Salle. I chose La Salle because I wanted a change of scenery and La Salle was the most affordable school for my family. I knew absolutely none of my middle school friends were going to La Salle. I was pretty frightened and worried I would not make any friends. However, throughout my years at La Salle Academy I have made friends that I can truly call family and being with them throughout my high school career has made me a better person. If I could go back to 8th grade, I would choose to attend La Salle Academy again.”

I am grateful to Theo for his authentic testimony about an intangible aspect of our school that, while not quantifiable, is very real. You may be wondering about that part of Theo’s La Salle experience that we do attempt to measure, his academic performance. He intends to pursue a career in business and will be attending SUNY Maritime College this fall.

As we prepare to observe the traditional feast of Saint John Baptist de La Salle this Friday, I ask you to join me in prayer that we continue to honor his name and be faithful to our heritage.

With gratitude and prayers,

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. If you would still like to make a gift to our COVID-19 appeal, you can do so by texting LASALLE to 41444, clicking here, or mailing a check to my attention at 44 E 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003.

Our Gala would have been tomorrow…

May 6, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle Academy,

Today was supposed to be much different. Today we would have been finalizing seating charts, making last minute adjustments to details with The Pierre, and tying up any loose ends in the office before the big day. Tomorrow was supposed to be La Salle Academy’s 29th Annual Spring Gala.

The Gala is La Salle’s largest annual fundraising event that provides much-needed scholarship aid to our students each year. Without the event this week, we are limited with the amount of tuition assistance we can provide our young men, including those whose families have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have postponed our premier fundraising event to November 12th, but we need those funds now.

In lieu of our Gala, we began a virtual COVID-19 appeal on April 9th with a goal to raise $7,000 by May 7th, the original date of our event. We have been overwhelmed with the level of participation so far… thanks to 57 generous benefactors like yourselves, we have raised $17,229 in one month and still have one day left!

If you are able, please consider making a gift before the appeal ends at 11:59pm tomorrow. Text LASALLE to 41444 or click here to donate. You can also mail a check made payable to La Salle Academy to 44 East 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003.

All of us are affected by this crisis, so if you are unable to give at this time, I understand and appreciate your investment to our mission over the years. Our students are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to receive the quality, college-preparatory Catholic education provided to them at La Salle.

Thank you so much in advance! Stay healthy.

Ismini Scouras
Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Communications

Students Use Photography to Express Emotion

After learning about the French photographer, Julia Keil, students in Ms. Giancaspro’s AP English class created their own photos to show how they are dealing with isolation. They chose an image from pop culture, such as an album cover, favorite music video, famous painting, etc. Then, they recreated the image using what they had at home. Each student provided an explanation for their photo, detailing the feelings, props and emotions they used to convey their situation. See below for some of the incredibly insightful student work:

April Recap

Dear Friends of La Salle Academy,

Q. How many teachers does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Change? Schools are notorious for relying on “we’ve always done it that way.” There is no precedent for what we are encountering now, however. It is concurrently unnerving and energizing to make decisions, formulate plans, communicate remotely, and live well. Here at La Salle Academy we are up to the challenge! Our solidarity in commitment to our Lasallian identity and the concern and creativity of each adult on our team is causing a new educational experience to evolve for students and teachers alike. Some examples are presented below.

Just before we adapted to our “new normal” way of life, a group of our students attended A Catholic Lens, a youth evangelization event organized by the Archdiocese of New York at The Sheen Center in March. Click here to read more about the experience. Pictured here are sophomores Angel Vasquez, Aaron Parajon and Carlos Apreza.

The La Salle Academy community is extremely grateful to healthcare workers and first responders, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of New York University’s Men Entering Nursing (“MEN”) program, La Salle students sent electronic cards and letters to local NYC hospitals. Students in Mr. Estevez’s religion class started by making Easter cards a few weeks ago! Click here to view more of the students’ creations.

Students in Ms. Morales’ Chemistry Regents class were so excited to get back to work after Easter break that they showed up in their spring uniform! In their class, they are discussing how diluting substances will effect the amount of its concentration. Zoom allows Ms. Morales to use an interactive whiteboard display so students can solve problems together and share their work with one another.

Ms. Carlsen’s geometry class participated in a Zoom call paired with an assignment on Formative, which is a web-app for classrooms that allows teachers to give live assignments to students. These two highlights from Ms. Carlsen’s and Ms. Morales’ classes are just a couple of ways that our teachers and students have adapted to the new digital learning environment presented to us.

La Salle Academy has officially earned re-accreditation by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools! This is not just a prestigious recognition, but an affirmation by a respected group of peers that La Salle Academy is doing a top-quality job of living out its mission. I am pleased and proud! Click here to read more about the accreditation.

On April 9th, we kicked off a digital appeal to help our students’ families who are struggling to make their regular tuition payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. We started with a goal of $7,000 and have since raised $16,906 thanks to 52 generous donors. The appeal ends this Thursday, May 7th, so if you haven’t done so already, please consider a gift. You can text LASALLE to 41444, click here, or send a check to me at 44 E 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003.

Attentive to our mission to offer a holistic education, and aware that our alumni continue to be bonded with their alma mater, La Salle’s Guidance Department compiled this list of resources for our graduates. While the material is focused more on the younger cohort of alumni, I am sure we can all benefit from these resources during this unprecedented time.

During Saint La Salle’s time, France experienced a famine. He reminded his followers that “God’s compassion for you is greater than the troubles you have” (Meditation 18.1). May you, and those special to you, be strengthened by that conviction. God bless us all!

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

Distance Learning Plans for the Remainder of the School Year

May 1, 2020

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

As we continue to listen to our government leaders and medical professionals, LSA has made several difficult decisions regarding the remainder of the school year. We took into account feedback from parents and students, as well as many other professionals. We understand that some items will come with disappointment, but we continue to do all we can to provide you with a quality experience despite these terrible circumstances. Please see below for these details.

LSA will continue distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year:
The governor has stated that schools will be closed for the remainder of the year. Therefore we will continue with online classes with adjustments outlined below.

No online classes on Wednesdays moving forward:
Right now, we are running online classes in real time. Doing this for 5 days in a row is a stressful experience for all involved, students and teachers alike. We are looking at 8 more weeks until the end of the school year (May 4 – June 25). With that in mind, we will move to a 4-day week of classes, with no classes being held on Wednesdays. Faculty will use these days for planning, grading, and other activities such as small, voluntary tutoring sessions. Guidance counselors will schedule appointments/calls on these days. Classes will continue through Tuesday, June 23rd. This schedule will alleviate some of the stress and health concerns associated with continuous screen time.

Seniors last day of classes:
The last day of classes for seniors will be May 26th.

Previously scheduled days off on the calendar:
With the new, no-class Wednesday schedule in place, we will eliminate the days after the previously scheduled gala, prom, and graduation as days off (May 8 and 29, and June 5). Those are all Fridays and will now be class days. There is no need to have them off as they were scheduled to follow big evening events the night before. Without those events taking place, the days off don’t make sense.
Memorial Day is a national holiday and will still be a day off.

Personal Belongings in Lockers:
I understand that many students have belongings in their lockers still. When a time comes that we can safely open the building again, we will do so and allow students to come gather their things. I will keep you informed as we know more.

Returning of textbooks and tablets:
We will schedule a time for collection of these items. This will be done in conjunction with the gathering of personal belongings from lockers and will occur when it is safe to do so. I will make you aware of these details when they are available.

Exams and grading policy for the second semester:
Exams will not take place in the traditional way. There will not be an exam schedule from June 17-25. Classes will continue on these days. Rather, teachers will provide a project, paper, or assessment of some sort that will count as the exam grade. This allows students the opportunity to boost their overall grade for the year (the exam grade counts as 20% of the semester average).
LSA will assign the numerical grades earned in a quarter and on any assessments as it has done in the past. We will not be adopting the policies that the NYC public school system is taking on. We will attach a notice to all transcripts moving forward that indicates that a portion of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter of the Spring 2020 semester was completed remotely.

Summer School/Credit Recovery:
This plan is still a work in progress. You will know more as we know more.

AP Exams:
AP exams are taking place at home this year during the weeks of May 11-22. Those students enrolled in those classes must make sure they have spoken to their teachers and understand the procedures, dates, and times for these important tests. We encourage you to really take this opportunity seriously as it can earn you college credit.

Juniors and Parents of Juniors- College Application Process Information:
Normally at this time of year, guidance counselors meet with you to discuss the college application process. Sessions will be scheduled online. Ms. Rosalie Cernaro will be reaching out to you with details about these sessions. She will also let you know how we are addressing the College Fair that would have taken place this spring. Many colleges are making themselves available in zoom sessions or in virtual campus tours. Look out for emails regarding those details. We are also looking at the possibility of a college fair in the fall. Click here for a list of links to virtual college tours and information sessions.

Class rings:
The ring ceremony will be postponed until the fall. Those that ordered class rings should reach out to Tom Olender at Herff Jones to sort out the remaining payments and arrange for them to be mailed to your home. You can call him with a credit card or you can mail in a payment. The company does not take personal checks, but you are welcome to mail in a money order. Everyone was given a receipt so you should know your balance due. If you lost the receipt, or if it never made it home, call Mr. Olender for the balance.

Herff Jones, Inc.
P.O. Box 180
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
(201) 843 – 5577

Student Government Elections for 2020-2021:
We will be holding Student Government Elections online. Criteria for running and the process will be sent out in a separate email. The offices available are Sophomore President and Vice President, Junior President and Vice President, and Student Government President, Vice President, and Secretary (must be seniors). We encourage students to consider running.

National Honor Society:
The application and induction process for the NHS will be moved to the fall.

Sports Awards Dinner:
We are exploring ways to honor our athletes, especially our seniors. Details regarding that will follow.

Taking into account feedback gathered from seniors and their parents, graduation has been postponed from June 4th to August 13th. This will take place at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 7 PM. If the current health crisis has not changed and we are not allowed to hold an in-person ceremony at that time, a virtual ceremony will be held then, and a reunion opportunity will be provided in the fall.

Graduation Fee:
We recognize that there are many questions surrounding the graduation fee of $300. This fee covers many items (yearbooks, graduation attire, programs, announcements, diplomas and cases, graduation awards, senior breakfast, church rental and organist fees, faculty regalia rental fees, senior portrait sitting fees, photographer, along with several others). With the current situation, we will not be hosting the senior breakfast in the traditional sense. We have also decided that the attire for this year’s ceremony will not be the tuxedos. There is no way to facilitate the measurement taking or the picking up and dropping off of the tuxedos. We will make the resulting attire determinations in the coming weeks. With the possibility of the ceremony in August, many of these other costs will remain, some remain no matter if the in-person ceremony takes place or not, and others are added to produce a virtual ceremony if the need arises. Taking all of this into consideration, LSA is reducing the 2020 graduation fee from $300 to $200. If further reductions take place in the coming months (if it is determined the August in-person ceremony cannot take place), we will address those then. If you have already paid the full $300 fee, the $100 excess will be applied to any outstanding tuition balances. If you have paid all balances already, you will receive a refund for the $100 unless you notify our Finance Office that you would like to donate your refund to help students who need help making their tuition payment during this challenging time. Reach out to Ms. Mary Kenny or Ms. Mary Anne Glassen in the Finance Office with any questions.

Senior Breakfast:
We will hold a virtual senior breakfast on June 3rd. Details regarding this event will be sent out separately.

It is with a heavy heart that we are cancelling the prom this year. Given the current circumstances, certain things had to be let go.

Service Hour Requirements for Seniors:
Those seniors who have not completed their service hours will not be required to do so. While we wish that these had been completed earlier in the high school career as they were designed to be, we understand that this is not possible to finish at this time. Do not be concerned about this holding up your completion of high school. All other grade levels will continue with this requirement in the coming school years.

Final Tuition Payment:
We understand that the financial consequences of the current pandemic have made it challenging for many of our families to meet their expenses. To make things a bit easier, we extended the deadline for the final tuition payment of the year by one month. Instead of it being due by April 15, you have until May 15 to pay your balance.
Any senior whose account is in arrears will not receive his report card, or his transcript, until the necessary payment is made. The parents of students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade will not have access to their son’s report card, and no records (except health records) will be provided for him, until their son’s account is paid. He will not be readmitted to La Salle Academy for the 2020-2021 school year if there is an outstanding balance on the account. If there are special circumstances surrounding the lack of payment, please notify Ms. Mary Anne Glassen or Ms. Mary Kenny in our Finance Office.
While we are aware of the struggles that many families will face in the coming months, we also have obligations to cover our ongoing expenses. As always, we appreciate all that you do to provide your sons with a Lasallian education.

Temporary tuition assistance policy change:
In January, Brother Thomas, President, informed you that La Salle Academy was implementing a new policy regarding accountability measures associated with retaining tuition assistance. Those measures were to go into effect this semester, and the results of this semester (GPA, behavior, attendance, etc.) would be assessed to determine if tuition assistance amounts would be cut for the fall semester of the 2020-2021 school year. The policy outlined that if the benchmarks were not met by students, the aid would be cut by 50% for the semester that follows. Because of the reality we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and sensitive to the fiscal challenges associated with that unfortunate situation, our school policy has been adjusted for the current semester only. School is still in session and accountability measures and their consequences are still in effect, but the amount of reduction in tuition assistance for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year has been cut in half from 50% to 25%. Please reach out to our Finance Department with any questions regarding this change.

I anticipate that this email will spark many questions. Please feel free to reach out to me. I continue to keep all of you in my prayers. I ask that you do the same for our entire school community. Thank you for all of the supportive emails that have come through. It is great to hear from you and to maintain our connection, if only electronically.


Kerry Conroy


New York, N.Y., April 30, 2020 – La Salle Academy has announced that it has earned re-accreditation by the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, a worldwide leader in accreditation and continuous school improvement.

Brother Thomas Casey, FSC, La Salle’s President said, “Accreditation by Middle States is not just a prestigious recognition, but an affirmation by a respected group of peers that La Salle Academy is doing a top-quality job of living out its mission. I’m pleased and proud!”

Accreditation is a multifaceted evaluation process that schools and school systems voluntarily use to demonstrate they are meeting a defined set of research-based performance standards. The 12 Middle States Standards for Accreditation are: mission; governance and leadership; school improvement planning; finances; facilities; school organization and staff; health and safety; educational program; assessment and evidence of student learning; student services; student life and activities, and information resources.

The accreditation process begins with a self-study that is conducted by the school or school system and requires input from school leaders, teachers, parents and students. Following the self-study, a team of volunteer educators from Middle States member schools conducts an on-site peer review visit to observe school operations and interview various stakeholders. The visiting team makes its recommendation to the Middle States Association Commissions, which votes on the accreditation.

“The Middle States accreditation process supports schools in developing a strategic plan for the future that is built upon continuous school improvement,” said Lisa Marie McCauley, Ed.D., President of the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. “Middle States accredited schools should be commended for their commitment to collaboration, growth and advancing student achievement.”

La Salle Academy is a college preparatory Catholic high school that serves a culturally diverse group of students from all five boroughs that celebrates a spirit of brotherhood grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Patron Saint of Teachers. For more information about La Salle Academy contact Ismini Scouras at 212-475-8940 ext. 204, email or visit

Helpful Resources from La Salle Academy

During these uncertain times, you may feel anxious, alone, confused, sad or stressed by what is going on in our city and throughout the world. La Salle Academy’s Guidance Department compiled the below list of articles, apps, and websites (listed below) to help you cope during this time of crisis. Feel free to share these resources with your friends and family who may also be struggling.



  • CALM
  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
  • MindShift
  • Quotes Wallpapers – Daily Inspirational Photos, Motivational & Life Sayings Images

Reminder-No Classes on Friday, April 24, 2020

Click here for the Principal’s update from April 8, 2020.

April 23, 2020

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

I hope that you are all doing well. This is a reminder that there are no classes tomorrow, Friday, April 24th. The faculty will be engaged in an online training for the day. We will resume online classes on Monday, April 27th.

I know that you have many questions about upcoming school events, continued online classes, and many other things. So many of these decisions hinge on how circumstances evolve in our city, state, and the world. I can tell you that our plan is to send you some decisions within the coming two weeks. I am involved in many discussions about these plans and there are a lot of moving parts. We know that things change by the day. It is my goal to keep you informed every step of the way. We are not delaying the dissemination of information intentionally. Rather, we want to be very careful as we move forward and see what the possibilities are before committing to one prematurely. Please continue to reach out to me with your questions. I will answer you with as much information as I have in that moment. I wish you the best and keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

“I shall pray to God for you, and will have many others pray for you and your needs.”
(Letter 23 – From St. La Salle to Brother Gabriel Drolin in Rome: from Paris, 12 May 1706)


Kerry Conroy

An Update from La Salle Academy

Click here to read the President’s message from March 26, 2020.

April 22, 2020

Dear Friend of La Salle Academy,

Earlier this month, our art teacher, Ms. Mollie O’Mara, assigned her students the task of drawing what they see out the window of the room where they are meeting her remotely. (See Jose Gonzales ’20’s piece at right.) On April 16th, the New York Times ran a feature displaying professional artists addressing the same theme!

The Advanced Placement (AP) exams are adopting a different format and length this year. Ms. Stephanie Carlsen, teacher of our AP Calculus class, reports that she is using an AP Calc review program that will facilitate her efforts to focus her students’ practice on free response questions, the dominant format on this year’s exam.

There is a way to share a lab experiment in Earth Science as discovered by Mr. Mike Rosich. Employing a computer program that allowed him to embed a video with his “classroom” instruction, he demonstrated mineral identification to his 9th grade classes. (See photo at left.)

Ms. Pat Toney, English Department Chair, reported she participated in a webinar during our Easter break last week on the topic of Activity Learning in a time of distance teaching and learning. She now has a new technique to implement with her students that she will also be able to share with the other members of her department.

The four vignettes presented above are indicative of the genuine concern, extra effort, and increased creativity the teachers at La Salle Academy are bringing to their virtual classrooms. I am really proud of all my colleagues who are among those delivering “essential services” during this challenging time. Please give them a virtual shout out and join me in thanking God for their good work!

Stay healthy and be assured of my prayers for you and those special to you.


Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. On April 9th, we kicked off a digital campaign to help our students’ families who are struggling to make their regular tuition payments during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have collected $1,600 towards our goal of $7,000 thus far. Text LASALLE to 41444 to learn how you can make a positive impact and share this information with 10 friends to help us spread the word! You could also contribute online or mail a check to respond to this appeal.

La Salle Students Attend March Youth Conference


Photo courtesy of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York.

Just before La Salle Academy adapted to the current COVID-19 pandemic and transitioned to distance learning, a group of our students gathered with other young New York City Catholic high school students for A Catholic Lens, a youth evangelization event through the Archdiocese of New York. During the March 12th event, students heard from a panel of speakers, including keynote speaker Pete Burak, the Director of a Catholic outreach for young adults.

After a full day of reflection, speakers and prayer, one of La Salle’s senior students, Steven Dumeng ’20, was invited to address the guests with a final reflection on all he had learned that day. “…the event taught me to eliminate the fear that comes with being yourself and openly practicing your faith… I believe conversations like we had that day is what makes better citizens, and most importantly, better children of God,” commented Steven, who has attended this event for the past three years as a La Salle Academy student.

* *

*Photos courtesy of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York. 

A Holy Week Message from the Principal

Dear La Salle Academy Community,

In 1966, Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech in which he said, “There is a Chinese curse which says, ‘May he live in interesting times.’ Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind” (Day of Affirmation Address, University of Capetown, Capetown, South Africa, June 6, 1966).

I think his words are very much applicable today. The past three weeks have most definitely been interesting times as we quickly transitioned to distance learning. But they have also brought out tremendous creativity and resilience — La Salle’s faculty, staff and students have never worked harder.

Transitioning online is difficult; everything takes more time, most questions have to be asked and answered via email, and there isn’t a natural flow that is found in a traditional classroom. However, none of these challenges have stopped La Salle Academy.

At the start of the school year, each one of our students is issued a tablet to use for his schoolwork. Our faculty made fast and drastic adjustments to their lesson plans and dove right in. Over the past few weeks, they have found creative solutions to the challenges in front of them. Our guidance counselors should also be heralded. With the dramatic increase in emotional and mental health needs now, they have been providing much-needed support over the phone and by email. It has all truly been inspiring.

Our mantra throughout these weeks has been “flexibility and compassion.” We recognize the overwhelming nature of the battle we are all facing, but we are succeeding despite the odds.

The generosity of our alumni and benefactors has enabled us to persevere, and we thank you for your continued commitment throughout this time. If you have already made gift during this Easter season, thank you. If not, I encourage you to make a gift by clicking here, texting LASALLE to 41444 or sending a check made payable to La Salle Academy to 44 East 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003. Your donation will help us maintain our mission of educating the young La Salle men entrusted to our care.

We continue to look to the words of our founder for inspiration. As St. La Salle told us, “Do not have any anxiety about the future. Leave everything in God’s hands for he will take care of you” (Letter 101 – to an unnamed Brother, date unknown). We have faith that this, too, shall pass, and this will be one more example of the strength of our La Salle Academy community.


Kerry Conroy

Easter Greetings!

Dear Friends of La Salle,

“But Brother, I’m home,” said a ninth grader to Brother Linus after the latter began an online religion class with our usual prayer that opens any gathering at La Salle, “Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.” What a surprise to our freshman student to learn that his apartment is, too, a sacred space!

Easter is our annual reminder that God surprises us with the unexpected… and guides us on the new path that emerges. This year, maybe more than in the past, it’s comforting to hear this good news.

Our mission at La Salle Academy continues, which means the lives of young men are transformed for the better as our school year moves forward in a new mode. All of us at La Salle Academy stand in solidarity with you at this time of trial and send greetings for a blessed Easter season.

With prayers and best wishes,

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

Important Updates from the Principal-Wednesday, April 8, 2020

April 8, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Greetings to all of you as we are about to enter the Holy Triduum and celebrate Easter, and a Happy Passover to our Jewish brothers and sisters. I hope that you are safe and healthy and are finding ways to virtually stay connected to extended family and friends. Today marks three weeks that we have conducted online classes. I applaud you for your tremendous work and effort. This has been incredibly challenging and I am proud of how you have handled it. Please see several announcements below.

Extension of online classes:
We will continue with online classes after the Easter Break. Our earliest possible return date to the school would be Monday, May 4th at this point. I will be watching how things progress in the coming weeks and will communicate any changes in these plans via email.

Easter Break:
Easter vacation begins tomorrow, April 9th, and extends through April 19th. Online classes resume on April 20th. There are no online classes from April 9th-19th. Enjoy the rest and relaxation.

Friday, April 24th:
Please note there will NOT be online classes on Friday, April 24th. The faculty will be in an online training that day. Students will have that day off.

Regents exams:
As you have seen on the news, the state has cancelled the June 2020 Regents exams. I will send out a separate email that outlines the details of those implications. Please look for that email in the coming days.

3rd Quarter Report cards:
Grades will be available on the Plus Portal this evening and will be emailed, as well.

Temporary tuition assistance policy change:
In January, Brother Thomas, President, informed you that La Salle Academy was implementing a new policy regarding accountability measures associated with retaining tuition assistance. Those measures were to go into effect this semester, and the results of this semester (GPA, behavior, attendance, etc.) would be assessed to determine if tuition assistance amounts would be cut for the fall semester of the 2020-2021 school year. The policy outlined that if the benchmarks were not met by students, that the aid would be cut by 50% for the semester that follows. Because of the reality we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and sensitive to the fiscal challenges associated with that unfortunate situation, our school policy has been adjusted for the current semester only. School is still in session and accountability measures and their consequences are still in effect, but the amount of reduction in tuition assistance for the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year has been cut in half from 50% to 25%. Please reach out to our Finance Department with any questions regarding this change.

Students supporting healthcare workers and first responders:
Students in the Civic Spirit Club have partnered with Dr. Fidel Lim, a clinical associate professor at the NYU Royer Meyers College of Nursing, and the Men Entering Nursing student leaders to electronically send cards and letters of gratitude to first responders and healthcare workers at local hospitals such as NYU, Mount Sinai and New York Presbyterian. In addition, Vinny Estevez’s religion classes made Easter cards for first responders and healthcare workers that will also be sent to these hospitals. Dr. Lim and the NYU Men Entering Nursing student leaders have been La Salle’s steady partners through the Guest Lecture Series established by Ann Straub and now we continue this partnership from a distance. If you are interested in making a card or writing a letter of gratitude to first responders/healthcare workers, feel free to email it to Caitlin Kerwin at and she will make sure it gets to the right place.

I wish you a Happy Easter. Thank you, again, for all of your hard work. Students, we will “see” you again in online classes on April 20th.


Kerry Conroy
La Salle Academy

La Salle Academy’s March Recap

Dear Friends of La Salle Academy,

Being at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the USA is humbling and challenging. Our teachers are doing an extraordinary job tapping the tools of technology to engage their students via remote classes. Our guidance staff is also attentive to the needs of our young men at this unsettled time. We are praying with and for one another. The fabric of La Salle Academy may be stretched but it is intact!

Before we dismissed our students on March 13th, a variety of activities occurred on campus. Some are highlighted below.

 The Most Reverend Edmund Whalen, Vicar for Clergy for the Archdiocese of New York, celebrated a Lenten Mass at La Salle on Monday, March 2nd. Prior to the Mass, Bishop Whalen met with La Salle’s freshman class to provide them with a lesson about the vestments of a Bishop. A special thanks to Father Gregory Chisholm, pastor of Saint Charles Borromeo in Harlem, for joining us. Click the links that follow to see the Mass featured in Catholic New York and The Villager. (Photo on right courtesy of Tequila Minsky, AM NY.)

Students in La Salle’s Physics Regents course attended the Engineering Tomorrow Conference in late February and placed second in their breakout groups, beating out Cathedral High School! Click here to read more about this unique opportunity.

 Playing their second season in CHSAA’s ‘A’ Division, the varsity basketball team fell to St. Edmund Prep in the semi-finals on March 3rd. The team had a 13-13 win-loss record overall for the season. Good luck to all of the varsity basketball team’s senior players and managers! You can read more about the game here.

Every academic department requires students to complete a department-wide project in the second half of the school year. The sophomore class recently completed their religion project, which involved a verbal presentation based on individual research about saints in the Catholic Church. Kenneth Prophet ’22 is shown here conducting his presentation. Click here to learn more about the project.

Four guest speakers joined us this month including Shanta Lawson, Education Director at the Studio Museum in Harlem; Victoria Esser (shown above), graduate from the Johnson & Wales University culinary program; Susan Stetzer, District Manager of Community Board 3; and Dr. Jennifer Odien, forensic anthropologist from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Click here to read on!

Take the proper precautions, stay healthy, and let us continue to pray for one another, and for all who share this planet, our common home.

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

A Special Message from the President-March 26, 2020

Click here to read the President’s message from March 20, 2020.

March 26, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle,

First site of La Salle Academy on Canal Street, 1848

March 26, 1848, exactly 172 years ago today, was the date Father Annet Lafont, the pastor of St. Vincent De Paul Parish on Canal Street, wrote to Brother Phillipe, the Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, who was in France. The pastor wanted Brothers to “teach the boys of the poor in my French congregation.” By September, four of them had crossed the Atlantic and the roots of our La Salle Academy were planted in lower Manhattan!

Through a Civil War, two World Wars, and other skirmishes and disruptions, La Salle Academy stayed true to its commitment to teaching immigrants and the sons of immigrants. The current pandemic is another in the series of challenges that cause us to focus on our mission while rethinking how best to stay the course.

Our paradigm for schooling has veered in a new and unexpected direction over these last two weeks. The leadership of our Principal, Ms. Kerry Conroy, and our Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Mr. Matt Stark, successfully rallied our teachers to exercise their creativity, tap the tools of technology, and work harder than ever. In an email received yesterday, the parents of a ninth grader noted, “The swiftness of your actions, the mobilization and commitment of the entire La Salle team to implement contingency plans to avoid academic teaching disruptions is outstanding. We greatly appreciate the professionalism with which you handled this unique situation.”

While we are pleased with the success of our remote learning modality, a major concern has begun to surface. We are at risk of losing some revenue because the year’s final tuition payment is due next month and the parents of many of our students have lost their jobs or have been furloughed. The intent of this year’s Easter appeal is to procure the funds we need in this extraordinary time for ordinary expenses. My thanks to those who have contributed already. If you have not, I invite you to do so by clicking here. (Checks sent in the mail are still welcome, but because our staff is working from home, processing will be delayed.)

La Salle Academy is characterized by resilient and hopeful people, as Saint John Baptist de La Salle counseled a Brother in one of his letters, “Do not be disheartened by the difficulties you experience” (Letter 90). We stand in solidarity, as we have for 172 years, confident of God’s care for us.

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

Important Updates from the Principal-March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

Today marks 6 full days of online classes. Thank you to our teachers who continue to be the heroes of this process. They adapted quickly in order to continue the educational process. Thank you to our students and their families, as well. Your flexibility and patience are greatly appreciated. We have done our best to listen to your feedback and make adjustments where necessary. Please see a few important updates below.

Extension of online classes:
As we all continue to follow the updates and guidelines set forth by our government and the CDC, La Salle Academy has decided to extend the dates on our online learning. At this time, our earliest possible return date will be April 20, 2020. While that seems like a long period of time, with Easter Break factored in, that means an addition of 8 online class days from what was originally planned. (Our original plan involved online classes from March 18 – March 27). We will continue the online classes from March 30th through April 8th. Easter Break goes from April 9th – 19th. We are in a time of rapidly changing circumstances. La Salle will continue to be in touch with you during this time to share updates and decisions.

Tuition payments:
We understand that the financial consequences of the current pandemic have made it challenging for many of our families to meet their expenses. To make things a bit easier, we have extended the deadline for the final tuition payment of the year by one month. So instead of it being due by April 15, you now have until May 15 to pay your balance. Please consider paying half of what you owe now and the rest in May so the expense is spread over two months. While we are aware of the struggles that many families will face in the coming months, we also have obligations to cover our ongoing expenses. As always, we appreciate all that you do to provide your sons with a Lasallian education.

As St. La Salle wrote to his fellow Brothers in 1706, I say the same to you. “I shall pray to God for you, and will have many others pray for you and your needs” (Letter 23 – to Brother Gabriel Drolin in Rome: from Paris, 12 May 1706). Stay healthy and safe. Know that the entire LSA faculty, staff, and administration are here to support you in every way we can.


Kerry Conroy


Dear Students and Parents,

The current health concerns can induce anxiety in a lot of people. This is a natural response to the unknown. Below are some resources the Guidance Department has put together to help manage this anxiety. Please review and make use of those items that make the most sense for you. Continue to reach out with any questions during this time.

Mental Health, Anxiety, and Stress Management Resources/Information
5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus
Mini Meditation
Feeling Anxious Or Worried? Listen To These 8 Podcasts
Coronavirus Anxiety: 4 Ways to Cope with Fear
Help Kids Manage Anxiety around the Coronavirus (3 Expert Videos)
The Tim Ferriss Show – Jack Kornfield — How to Find Peace Amidst COVID-19, How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos (podcast)

Apps. to download for relaxation.
2. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
3. MindShift

Tips for dealing with anxiety and stress:

1. Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night.
2. Practice positive self-talk.
3. List all your good and positive qualities.
4. Write in a daily gratitude journal.
5. Eat a healthy balanced diet (fruits, proteins, vegetables, limit sugars).
6. Talk to a trusted peer, friend, sibling, parent/guardian, or trusted adult.
7. Take deep breaths, count to 10 slowly, breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.
8. Reminisce about happy times or place, views pictures/videos from those times.
9. Watch your favorite movie/show or listen to your favorite song.
10. Limit excessive or repetitive exposure to the news.
11. Find a quiet spot in your home to take a breather.
12. Practice, “Grounding” exercises which help you can control your surroundings: Look around you, find 5 things you can SEE, 4 things you can TOUCH, 3 things you can HEAR, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can TASTE.
13. Make a list of things you can control vs. cannot control and focus on the control list.
14. Unplug from social media and read a book.
15. Write a poem, story, and/or color/draw.
16. Look for opportunities in life’s challenges.
17. Identify and set goals for yourself.
18. Engage in relaxation techniques.
19. Spend quality time with loved ones.
20. Identify and try out a new hobby.

Tips for online/remote learning:
1. Set a daily alarm to wake up at least 30 minutes before your A period class.
2. Find a designated area that is quiet, free of distractions and comfortable for learning.
3. Keep cell phones and gaming systems out of sight to limit distractions.
4. Have all your tools accessible such as notebooks, textbooks, pen, paper, tablets etc.
5. Try to sit at a table with a comfortable chair.
6. Complete quick stretches in between “switching classes.”
7. Keep checking your emails, PlusPortals, and Google Classroom.
8. If you have questions, email your teacher, counselor, and/or an administrator.
9. Plan your time wisely and follow the same schedule as if you were in school.
10. Communicate with your classmates if you have questions or need additional help.
11. Have good self-discipline to complete your assignments.
12. Stay organized and stick to a schedule as if you were in school.
13. Actively take notes, such as writing down important details.
14. Actively ask questions and participate.
15. Log into your classes on-time and for the whole designated period.

Guidance Services during this time:
Guidance counselors will be reaching out to students via email and encourage students and parents to reach out to them with any questions.

Krista Cernaro – freshmen counselor (and select sophomores) –
Beverly Fields – counselor for sophomores and juniors last names A-L –
Sandra Sanchez – counselor for sophomores and juniors last names M-Z –
Rosalie Cernaro – counselor for seniors/College advisor –


Kerry Conroy
La Salle Academy
215 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-475-8940, ext. 214

A Special Message from the President

March 20, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle,

Lent 2020 has taken a unique turn. The pandemic that envelops our planet is impacting lives across the globe. A surreal scene surrounds our school and anxiety is in the air. I suspect the same is true where you are. May God bless us all and guide us safely through this period of crisis.

As one of our benefactors wrote to me in a recent email, “the obligation to educate these guys is not suspended.” He’s right; I assure you La Salle Academy is mobilized and moving forward!

Students, staff, and teachers are working remotely and all of us are learning how to live out the mission of La Salle Academy in these uncertain times. Each of our students has a school-issued Microsoft Pro tablet at home with him. Each of our teachers is working at his or her house. Spectrum has offered free Internet access to anyone who may not have had that service at home. A regular school day schedule is in effect! Teachers are tapping their creativity and using technology to their advantage. Students are growing in responsibility as they set their timers for the change of periods, punctually log into their next class, participate in the lesson that is presented, and submit their work within the given time interval. Students are seeing teachers as learners. Each teacher’s experience as a role model will be enhanced as our young men witness the importance of learning to learn!

Our guidance personnel are regularly checking in with the students in their caseload to ensure they are coping well. Our clerical staff is working remotely, monitoring attendance and responding to phone calls. Our administrators are supporting teachers, providing pedagogical resources, and addressing glitches that surface.

Although our modality may have changed, our obligation to educate the young men entrusted to us continues. Our fixed costs remain stable and the ability of some parents to pay next month’s tuition on time is in jeopardy. If your financial situation is such that you can contribute to our Easter appeal, please consider donating at this time.

La Salle Academy is composed of a terrific team of dedicated people, who are currently energized in a new way to serve the students entrusted to us. Please join us by investing in those young men! The Easter promise of new life looms on the horizon. Together, with God as our shield, we will make the journey!

Thank you, be well.

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

Online Instruction Starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

Thank you for your patience and attentiveness during these unusual times. As was stated in the email that went out on March 12th, LSA has taken precautionary measures in response to the current health situation. Your teachers have posted assignments on the portal system for Friday and today (Monday) as they would do normally. Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and will be counted as a holiday from school. Wednesday, March 18th, we will begin our virtual school day online. Click here for a series of instructions and other information. Please read through it fully and carefully. Reach out with any questions.

Thank you,

K. Conroy
La Salle Academy
215 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-475-8940, ext. 214


Estimados estudiantes y padres,

Gracias por su paciencia y atención durante estos tiempos inusuales. Como se indicó en el correo electrónico que salió el 12 de marzo, LSA ha tomado medidas cautelares en respuesta a la situación actual de salud. Sus profesores han publicado tareas en el sistema del portal para el viernes y hoy (lunes) como lo harían normalmente. Mañana, martes 17 de marzo es el día de San Patricio y se contará como un día festivo de la escuela. Miércoles 18 de marzo, comenzaremos nuestro día escolar virtual en línea.
Haga clic aquí para una serie de instrucciones y otra información. Por favor, lea a través de él completa y cuidadosamente. Comuníquese con cualquier pregunta.


Kerry Conroy
La Salle Academy
215 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003
212-475-8940, ext. 214

COVID-19: School Update

Online instruction starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Click here for a series of instructions and other information.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dear parents of La Salle Academy,

Given the latest guidance from trusted authorities and experts, we have decided that today (Thursday, March 12) will be the last day La Salle students will commute to our building for the next two weeks. Distance learning will begin tomorrow Friday, March 13 and continue through Friday, March 27. Additionally, as students leave school today they will bring home all materials (books, etc.) that will be needed as we transition to remote instruction.

Tomorrow and Monday, assignments will be posted as usual on PlusPortals. Students should be completing those assignments form home. Tuesday, March 17 will be designated as a school holiday as it is St. Patrick’s Day.

On Wednesday, March 18, rather than returning to school, we will be conducting virtual school days from 8:15 to 2:15. Students are expected to fully participate online during these hours and communicate with their teachers during these specific class times. A separate email will be sent to you and them explaining exactly how this will take place. Please know, in advance, that attendance will be recorded and counted as school days with their online participation. For the time being, all athletics and extracurricular activities will be suspended as we focus our energies on our academic work.

During the next two days, more specifics will be communicated to students and parents about the plans for remote instruction and the adjustments involved. Students and parents must pay especially close attention to your email during this time and for the duration of the period we remain away from our building. This won’t be a seamless transition, but we will experience and learn from the coming growing pains together as a community as we navigate this unique phase in La Salle’s history.

We will follow the advice of the appropriate authorities and hope to return to face-to-face instruction here in our building as soon as possible, but for the sake of planning, it will not before Friday, March 27. As that date approaches, if the circumstances dictate it, we will extend the digital instruction period accordingly. We will keep you informed as any critical decisions are made.

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience during this historic and difficult time. Please trust that we will continue to seek to fulfill our mission while prioritizing above all the health and safety of our La Salle community.

Be assured of my prayers for you and your family.

Kerry Conroy


Estimados padres/guardianes de la Academia La Salle:

En respuesta a las fiables recomendaciones de las autoridades y expertos correspondientes, hemos decidido que hoy (jueves 12 de marzo) será el último día en que los estudiantes de La Salle asistirán a nuestro edificio durante las próximas dos semanas. La educación a distancia comenzará mañana viernes 13 de marzo y continuará hasta el viernes 27 de marzo. Además, les avisamos que hoy, cuando los estudiantes sean enviados a casa de la escuela llevarán con ellos todos los materiales (libros, etc.) que serán necesarios para trabajar durante el tiempo que estemos fuera y que hacemos la transición a la instrucción en línea.

Para mañana y el lunes, las tareas se publicarán como de costumbre en PlusPortals. Los estudiantes deben completar esas tareas desde el hogar. El martes 17 de marzo es un día feriado escolar ya que es el Día de San Patricio, por lo tanto, se designa como tal. El miércoles 18 de marzo, en lugar de regresar a la escuela, las asignaciones y trabajos serán realizados de manera virtual en los horarios de 8:15 a 2:15 PM. Se espera que los estudiantes participen completamente en línea durante estas horas y se comuniquen con sus maestros durante los horarios que se han establecido. Se les enviará un correo electrónico por separado y se les explicará exactamente cómo se llevará a cabo. Tenga en cuenta, de antemano, que la asistencia se registrará y se contarán como días escolares, por lo tanto, es obligatorio realizar los trabajos en línea. Por el momento, se suspenderán todas las actividades deportivas y extracurriculares a medida que enfocamos nuestras energías en nuestro trabajo académico.

Durante los próximos dos días, publicaremos más información y detalles a los estudiantes y padres sobre los planes de instrucción remota y los ajustes involucrados. Recomendamos que los estudiantes y los padres presten mucha atención a su correo electrónico durante este tiempo y durante el período que permanezcamos lejos de nuestro plantel

Tenemos en cuenta que esta transición no será perfecta, pero nos servirá para experimentar y crecer como comunidad en la medida que nos adentramos a una fase única en la historia de La Salle.
Seguiremos las recomendaciones de las autoridades correspondientes y esperamos volver a la instrucción presencial en nuestro edificio lo antes posible, pero como ya mencionamos, no será antes del viernes 27 de marzo. A medida que se acerque esa fecha, Si las circunstancias lo ameritan, ampliaremos el período de instrucción virtual. Los mantendremos informados a medida que se tomen otras decisiones.

Gracias por su cooperación, comprensión y paciencia durante este momento histórico y difícil. Confíe en que continuaremos buscando cumplir nuestra misión y sobre todo velar por la salud y la seguridad de nuestra comunidad escolar.

Tenga la seguridad que usted y su familia estarán en mis oraciones.

Kerry Conroy,

La Salle Academy Featured in Catholic NY

Bishop Edmund Whalen’s Lenten Mass at La Salle Academy was recently featured in Catholic NY. Click here to read the article.

La Salle Academy Featured in The Villager

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 – La Salle Academy’s Lenten Mass with Bishop Edmund Whalen was featured in The Villager. Click here to read the story:

Students Gain Real-World Knowledge From Experts in the Classroom

Friday, March 6, 2020 – Established in fall 2017, the Guest Lecture Series invites professionals into the classroom to be a guest lecturer and teach the class. Professionals are matched up with the classroom content that pertains to their field. This program gives students an inside look at different fields of study, bringing their classroom work to life.

This week, four guests entered the classrooms at La Salle Academy. Beginning on Monday, March 2nd, the Studio and Digital Art class welcomed Shanta Lawson, Education Director at the Studio Museum in Harlem. On Tuesday, Victoria Esser, a graduate from the Johnson & Wales University culinary program, presented a cooking demonstration for another senior art class. The learning continued after school in Civic Spirit Club on Tuesday when Susan Stetzer, District Manager of Community Board 3 provided information on the 2020 Census and how to make a real difference in the local community. The final guest lecture of the week was in Biology class with Dr. Jennifer Odien from The Office of Chief Medical Examiner who taught freshmen students about Forensic Anthropology and her important role in many police investigations.

La Salle Academy is blessed with many resources to provide students with real-world experience and knowledge. To learn more about the Guest Lecture Series at La Salle Academy, click here.

La Salle Sophomores Study The Saints

Thursday, March 5, 2020 – Every academic department at La Salle Academy requires each student to complete a special project. The religion project includes a presentation based on individual research completed by the student. Each grade level presents on a different topic.

The sophomore students recently completed their religion projects, which focused on the lives of the saints in the Catholic Church. Every sophomore wrote a three-page paper about a Catholic saint and made a formal presentation to their classmates, elaborating on the facts and major achievements, as well as traits and attributes of the saint that everyone can strive to exemplify. One student wrote, “Saint Josephine Bakhita’s traits of love and forgiveness should be some of many that we as Catholics should exemplify in our daily lives.” All the students gave specific examples of how they can carry on the legacies of these saints, such as random acts of kindness, helping others even when it is not in our best interest and praying for the saints’ intercession “so we may share the same strength and courage.”

Click here to learn more about departmental projects at La Salle Academy.

Varsity Basketball Comes Up Short in the CHSAA Semi-Finals

Middle Village, NY, March 3, 2020 – Playing in the CHSAA Semi-finals at Christ the King on Tuesday night, the varsity Cardinals lost a hard fought 55-52 game at the hands of the St. Edmund Prep Eagles. St. Edmund’s jumped out to an early 14-7 lead at the end of the first quarter and extended that lead to as many as 14 points in the 2nd quarter before the Cardinals closed out the half with a 12-0 run to cut the deficit to 26-24 at the half. A tightly played second half would be comprised of timely, clutch shooting on both sides. Trailing by 1 point with under a minute remaining, the Cardinals were unable to get over the hump to gain the lead for the victory.

In their 2nd season back in the CHSAA ‘A’ division, the Cardinals advanced to the semi-finals for the 2nd consecutive season (at least the semi-finals for the 6th straight season overall) and finish this season with a 13-13 overall record. In the loss, seniors Amadou Kouyate and Joshua Nolberto led the way with 14 points each while juniors Michael Carothers Jr. and Branden Pannell added 10 points each.

We wish our seniors athletes, Dylan Harney, Amadou Kouyate, Theo Noble, Joshua Nolberto, Ishmael Sankoh, Kenyetta Smith and managers, Zion Jackson-Avila, Danny Betancourt, Adrien Peguero and Raul Vaca continued success as they conclude their senior year and the best of luck in college!

February Recap

Monday, March 2, 2020 – February brought engaging visitors, culturally enriching assemblies, informative field trips, and prayerful union among our students. Enjoy the highlights below!

We began February by recognizing Black History Month. We hosted an assembly full of music, prayer and celebration. Thank you to the special guests who joined us for this event. Pictured here (left) is NYPD’s First Deputy Commissioner, Benjamin B. Tucker. The photo at right shows a group of our young men at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the annual Black History Month Mass. Click here for more photos from the assembly.

We are grateful for the invitation to the discussion between St. Francis College President, Dr. Miguel Martinez-Saenz (pictured here) and Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams, at SFC earlier this month. Yamil Sanchez ’20 (left) and Isaiah Perez ’20 (right), received a private tour of the Downtown Brooklyn college afterwards.

The week of February 3rd marked National School Counselors Week! Thank you to our Guidance Department (pictured from left to right), Ms. Rosalie Cernaro, Ms. Krista Cernaro, Ms. Sandra Sanchez and Ms. Beverly Fields.

The Newspaper Club visited the New York Post’s Print Center in the Bronx. Our students had a fantastic behind-the-scenes tour of the operations. Students even received the newspaper a day early! Click here for more photos from their visit.

As prospective La Salle Academy students make their high school decisions, the young men who were accepted into La Salle’s Class of 2024 and their families spent a sunny Saturday morning at our annual Accepted Students Breakfast.

Seniors enrolled in our Finance course spent a day learning from the experts at the offices of National Australia Bank. Special thanks to Rick Taiano ’83 and his colleagues for hosting us! The young men got a kick out of Rick’s vintage La Salle letterman sweater.

The Drama Club welcomed special guest, actor, Ryan-James Hatanaka, to their rehearsal space after school for an acting workshop. This unique opportunity showcased our worldwide Lasallian network; RJ is an alumnus of De La Salle College, Oaklands in Toronto, Ontario!

Thank you to Monsignor Kevin Nelan ’69 who celebrated Mass with us on Ash Wednesday and a special thanks to our Campus Ministry office for planning such a reverent start to the Lenten season.

A team of 11 La Salle students representing all four grades participated and won the first of five matches in March Mini Madness, an AreteLabs live online math competition. Schools were randomly pitted against one another and our young mathletes enjoyed the experience and beat a school in Colorado by one point. Good luck to our math scholars in the remaining matches!

Lenten blessings!

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. Thursday, May 7th is the date of our 29th Annual Spring Gala. Make plans to join the party at The Pierre in Manhattan!

Bishop Edmund Whalen Celebrates Mass at La Salle Academy

Monday, March 2, 2020 – La Salle Academy welcomed Bishop Edmund Whalen to celebrate Mass with the entire student body in the school gymnasium on 6th Street. Also presiding over the Mass was Father Gregory Chisholm, Pastor of the Parish of St. Charles Borromeo in Harlem.

Bishop Whalen, vicar for clergy of the Archdiocese of New York, greeted students with genuine excitement before beginning Mass. During the Homily, he reminded students to talk to God “man-to-man” during prayer.

Earlier in the morning, Bishop Whalen spent time with the freshmen to teach them about what it means to be a bishop and the significance of his garments. La Salle Academy is grateful for Bishop Whalen and Father Gregory’s time during this Lenten season. Click here for more photos from Bishop Whalen’s visit to La Salle Academy. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all that is happening at La Salle Academy!

La Salle Varsity Basketball Advances to CHSAA Semifinals

Saturday, February 29, 2020 – La Salle’s varsity basketball team advanced to the CHSAA “A” Semi-finals with a 57-42 victory over Xavier. Leading by 3 at the end of the third quarter, the Cardinals finished the game on an 18-6 run.

Branden Pannell led the way with 16 points and 8 rebounds while Amadou Kouyate & Dylan Harney chipped in 12 points each and Michael Carothers had 7 assists and a stellar defensive effort.

The Cardinals will face St. Edmunds Prep on Tuesday, March 3rd at 7:30pm. The game will take place at Christ the King.

La Salle Students Place Second At Engineering Tomorrow Conference Workshop

Monday, February 24, 2020 – Students in the Physics Regents course at La Salle Academy attended the Engineering Tomorrow Conference Workshop at Cathedral High school on Monday, February 24th. They competed with other New York City high schools within the archdiocese in the areas of programming and drone flying as well as the catapult challenge on the projectile launch. La Salle placed second in their break-out groups, ahead of third place winner Cathedral High School and behind first place winner Dominican High School. This unique educational opportunity is one of our STEM initiatives at La Salle Academy.

La Salle Students Win Online Math Competition!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 – A team of 11 La Salle Academy students from all four grade levels participated and won the first of five matches in March-Mini Madness, an AreteLabs live online math competition. The schools were randomly pitted against one another. The La Salle team managed to win by one point while having a ton of fun. Good luck to our math scholars in the next match!

La Salle Academy Begins the Lenten Season with Mass

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 – Monsignor Kevin Nelan, the Pastor of Immaculate Conception and a La Salle Academy alumnus from the Class of 1969, celebrated Mass with the entire student body to begin the Lenten season. La Salle students served in various roles by reading, serving as alter servers, bringing up the gifts and singing. During the homily, Monsignor Nelan reminded the student body that Lent is about becoming more free by growing closer in their relationship with God through prayer, fasting and alms-giving. Check out more photos on La Salle Academy’s Facebook page.

Freshman Basketball Advances to CHSAA Semifinals

Monday, February 17, 2020 – The La Salle freshmen basketball team began their playoffs against Fordham Prep in the CHSAA quarterfinals. The game was tight throughout as both teams showed flashes but neither team was able to pull away. The Cardinals began the 4th quarter with a seven-point lead that quickly evaporated as Fordham Prep came out of the quarter hot which led to a two-point La Salle deficit. With two minutes to go, the young Cardinals buckled down with some tight defense to regain the lead and finish the game with a 45-43 win. La Salle was led by Xavier Sanabria with 19 points and Taylor Perlmutter with 16 points. The Cardinals return to action on Wednesday in a semifinals matchup against St. Edmunds.

JV Falls in Quarterfinals to Farrell after furious 4th quarter rally

Monday, February 17, 2020 – JV Basketball came up short 58-54 in the CHSAA quarterfinals against Msgr. Farrell. Down big early on, the young Cardinals stayed composed, with a comeback stirred by their stingy defense and grit to not give up. The lead was cut down to two with less than a minute left in the game but they were unable to get the lead and secure the win. The team was led by Stephone Vergara with 19 points followed by Giovanni Baquero with 16 points while Dany Diaz chipped in 7 points, grabbing multiple key rebounds during the second half run. A great effort by the short-handed Cardinals!

La Salle Academy students were out and about in New York City this month!

As part of our college partnership, seniors Yamil Sanchez and Isaiah Perez visited the campus of St. Francis College for a discussion between St. Francis College President Miguel Martinez-Saenz and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on Monday, February 3, 2020. This campus event was part of a discussion series titled Reflections on a Life in Public Service. Mr. Adams joined President Martinez-Saenz in a conversation focused on his early life in New York City, his law-enforcement career with the New York City Police Department, and his subsequent years in elected politics. After the event, seniors Yamil Sanchez and Isaiah Perez received a personal tour of the campus!

On Tuesday, February 4th, members of the La Salle Academy Cardinal Newspaper took a trip to New York Post/ Bronx Print Center for a behind-the-scenes tour of the operations. They even received the newspaper a day early! Click here for more photos on La Salle Academy’s Facebook page.

The seniors in the elective Finance course spent the day learning from the experts at the offices of NAB (National Australia Bank) on Wednesday, February 12th. Special thanks to Rick Taiano from the Class of ’83 and his colleagues: Mike Pryce, Tim Williams, Tom DeMaio, Rich Rauchenberger, Ben Cattanach, Mark Prendergast, Dean Kim and Geoff Schmidt! Click here for more photos on La Salle Academy’s Facebook page.


East Village, N.Y., January 20, 2020 – La Salle Academy’s varsity basketball Head Coach, Jerome Pannell, earned his 100th career win when the La Salle Cardinals defeated Cardinal O’Hara High School 72-43 in the consolation game of the annual Bishop Ludden Holiday Basketball Tournament held in Syracuse, New York in late December.

Coach Pannell was named as the New York State Class B Coach of the Year in 2017 by Basketball Coaches Association of New York, Inc. after he led the Cardinals to a 27-2 record and to La Salle’s first ever New York State Federation Championship in the program’s 114-year history.

Bowling Program Caps off Another Amazing Season with JV City Championship!

Congratulations to our Bowling program on another incredible season! With both the Varsity and JV teams competing in the City Championship round for the 4th consecutive season, it has become apparent that La Salle Bowling is firmly entrenched as one of the top Bowling programs in the City.

The Varsity team, looking to repeat as City Championships,  fell short to Cathedral Prep but was led by Mariano Mitchell’s ’22 670 three game series and strong performances by Yamil Sanchez ’20, Jimmy Falcon ’20, Justin Williams ’20 and Isaiah Perez ’20.

The JV team captured its fourth straight City Championship with Joshua Ramos ’22 leading the way with a 547 series while also winning the triple crown award for High game, high series and high average. Jordan Montes ’23 followed with a 507 series and great contributions were received by Herby Isaac ’21 and Jon Ruiz ’22.

It was a great season for both teams and we thank our seniors for their commitment to the team and the program. We are proud of the continued growth and consistency of the program as evidenced by our seemingly annual participation in the City Championship Round!

We thank all of the parents for their continued support as well as Coach Anderson and Coach Falcon for their dedication, leadership and continued success of the Bowling Program at La Salle.

Bowling Rolls into City Championship Finals

Playing in the City Championship Semi-Finals on Tuesday, January 14th, both the Varsity and JV Bowling teams advanced to the Finals.

While both teams got off to a slow start, each picked up steam through each frame to ultimately emerge victorious.

For the Varsity, Yamil Sanchez had a high-game of 226 with a 584 series with Justin Williams and Isaiah Perez bowling high-games of 223 and 219 respectively.  The JV team was led by Joshua Ramos’ 188 high-game while Jon Ruiz added a high game of 184.

The City Championship Final will be played on Thursday, January 16th at Astoria Lanes at 4:00 PM.

Bowling City Championship Rounds

La Salle Academy’s JV and varsity bowling teams have advanced to the City Championship Rounds! Please support the Cardinals!

City Championship Semi-Finals – January 14, 2020 at Astoria Lanes, 3:45pm

#1 Cathedral Prep vs. Molloy
#2 La Salle vs. #3 Xaverian

#1 La Salle vs. #4 Iona Prep
#2 Molloy vs. #3 Xaverian

Championship Matches – January 16, 2020 at Astoria Lanes, 3:45pm

La Salle Academy Featured in The Villager

La Salle Academy was recently featured in an article written by Tequila Minsky for The Villager. Check out the article here!

December Recap

La Salle Academy has had a successful and festive month of December! Scroll down to see what we’ve been up to…

On the 3rd we participated in #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving powered by social media and digital outreach. It brought our La Salle Academy community together to raise nearly $7,000. These donations will be used to provide our students with field trips and assembles that enrich their education.

Students and their families celebrated the Advent season with their sponsors at our Annual Lasallian Student Sponsorship Dinner. Thank you to all the benefactors in that category who provide our students with the gift of a Lasallian Catholic college-preparatory education. Click here to view more photos from the event.

A group of our students visited the New York Stock Exchange and received an inside look at the trading floor from La Salle Academy alumnus, Michael Capolino ’91.

 A private reception in the Joseph F. D’Angelo ’48 Literacy Center co-hosted by my friend, Joan MacNaughton, welcomed many guests to La Salle for their first visit to our school. Click here to view more photos from the event.

Every year prior to Christmas, the Parents Association collects toys for children in need. Last week, parents, students and alumni wrapped the gifts which will be donated to DeWitt Head Start.

On Friday, December 20th we celebrated our annual Christmas Liturgy and assembly. Young men in chorus and band performed Christmas songs and students in the drama club performed a skit. We also heard from the NYPD Band and a special guest pianist, Katya Grineva, who will be playing at Carnegie Hall on December 27th.

I am grateful for your association with us in fulfilling the mission of La Salle Academy. I wish you, and those special to you, a joyous Christmas and a blessed 2020!

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. While doing any last minute Christmas shopping this weekend, be sure to set La Salle Academy as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile by clicking here.

Information Night: Wednesday, January 8, 2020

La Salle Academy will hold its first Information Night for 6th, 7th and 8th-graders on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please invite your students, parishioners and their families to learn about La Salle Academy, an all-male, culturally diverse, college preparatory Catholic high school in the East Village of Manhattan.


La Salle Academy’s November Recap

Happy Thanksgiving! We at La Salle Academy are grateful for you and for all the enriching events and visits we had at our school this month. Take a scroll down and look!

La Salle Academy’s Alumni Association hosted a Professional Networking Night. Alumni spanning several decades joined together for a few rounds of speed networking followed by a panel discussion from a handful of recruiting and HR professionals, including alumnus Dermott Whalen ’72.

Friend of La Salle, Damien Dwin, invited 15 of his peers from Wall Street to our school to participate in the second Fireside Chat program for our students. Small group breakout sessions encouraged discussion of key topics aimed at providing career mentorship and pathways to success.

La Salle Works provided students with two wonderful opportunities this month. One was a visit from a Men’s Wearhouse representative (left) to discuss tips for a successful interview and dressing for success. The other was a visit to 1010 WINS Radio (right) to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the popular news station.

Some individuals associated with La Salle Academy visited Manhattan College on November 8th for the District of Eastern North America’s Association Celebration! Lasallians from all over DENA participated in this special occasion, which featured a live- streamed video presentation by Superior General Brother Robert Schieler, FSC.

Our students had the much-appreciated opportunity to see Hamilton on Broadway this month thanks to the Gilder Lehrman Institute’s Hamilton Education Program. La Salle Academy’s history department integrated lessons about Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Era into their classroom studies as a precursor to the students’ visit to midtown.

New York University Clinical Associate Professor Fidelino Lim and his nursing students guest lectured about dental and oral health in a science class. This is just one of many planned visits from NYU’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Future topics of discussion will include nutrition, diabetes, blood pressure and obesity.

Please be sure to set La Salle Academy as your charity of choice as you shop AmazonSmile for Black Friday tomorrow and throughout the Christmas shopping season! Click here to learn more.



Can you be-“leaf” it?

Freshmen students in Mr. Neering’s biology class recently completed a hands-on leaf project. Students were given the task of collecting and identifying 20 different types of leaves. If you live in the “concrete jungle” of New York City, you know this is not an easy assignment. Students literally stepped outside their comfort zones to find these leaves. Those who stayed within the City limits chose places like Central Park, but one student even found some leaves in his neighborhood of Little Italy. Another student traveled a little further to White Plains to find the leaves for his project. The exotic leaves that another student found by his Grandmother’s home in Florida made his project a little different from the others. One freshman student said he made it fun by taking his twin sisters with him on his leaf adventure while another student added ‘fun facts’ to his project.

Finding the leaves was just the beginning. Next, the students had to identify the types of leaves they found based on features like shape and size with the help of a website suggested by Mr. Neering. Central Park labeled some of the trees which gave some students a head start. The research was the hardest part according to most of the students. Most leaves look the same and it’s hard to find different identifying features. Although they may look the same, there are still many unique types of trees found right here in New York City. “I learned to appreciate trees more instead of just looking at them,” one student reflected. Another student was interested in the health benefits of the leaves he found, such as aloe leaves and tea leaves.


Mr. Neering was very impressed, saying “The students went above and beyond what I asked of them with this leaf project. The artistic creativity was truly amazing. The students benefited first by being outdoors away from the technology that can consume them. They were exposed to the natural world that they all have so little opportunity to engage with. They also learned some genus/species names that will help them on the biology Regents exam in June. I am very proud to teach them all.”

Each student compiled their results into a book. Check out some of their work here: