New season, new project

With the arrival of spring, I am thrilled to write to you this Lenten season with promising news from La Salle Academy and the recent accomplishments of the young men we serve. This school year, the pandemic continued to present many challenges for both our faculty and students, but our resolve has not shaken as we continue to excel academically, athletically and spiritually. Our cross-country team took home the 2021 City Championship, our soccer team advanced to the city semi-finals, and our varsity bowling team brought home second place in the CHSAA City Championship.

We continue to be focused on the health and wellness of our students, especially during this time of Lent. The pandemic has further demonstrated the importance of mental health, nutrition, and proper physical fitness. Until now, we have not had a fitness center or weight room in our current building that could be utilized by our students and athletic teams.

We are proud to announce that we are opening a new Fitness Center in the school that will allow us to restart our Fitness Club and promote healthy lifestyles for all of the young men entrusted to our care. The addition of the Fitness Center will also enable our championship-winning sports teams to train and properly prepare their bodies for their respective athletic seasons. The funding for the room will be utilized to acquire equipment and upgrade the room to make it a true functional Fitness Center. Our target for this important initiative is $10,000.

With so many transitions and changes this year alone, we need your help to ensure we provide a quality, well-rounded education for our students. Will you contribute to our new Fitness Center? Every dollar raised will be put directly toward bettering the lives of our young men. A generous contribution from you now leads to a well-educated and healthy high school graduate. Thank you for your consideration.

“Live Jesus in our hearts…Forever!”


Mr. Jerome Pannell
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
Athletic Director

P.S. Click “Contribute” below to make your gift online. You can also mail a check to La Salle Academy, Attn: Advancement Office, at 215 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10003. Thank you!