Enrichment Programs


Internships give students an invaluable real-world experience. And they’re not just for college students. La Salle Works is a paid and unpaid internship/apprenticeship program that is available for all of our students. By dedicating themselves to this program, students earn an amazing opportunity to pursue their interests and prepare themselves for college and the professional world. La Salle Works teaches students how to prepare for a job interview, produce quality resumes and develop personal networking skills.

The internship program extends into the summer as well. Through the National Hispanic Institute, students are sent to a week-long leadership camp held at Villanova University. Our young men are also placed in some of the top law and real estate firms in New York City, including Leahy & Johnson P.C. and Devito Associates, LLC, respectively.


Your Lasallian experience in education, spirituality, service, and learning does not end at the “bell” but continues well after! Lasallian men have always been well-rounded men of the world – young men who were equally as comfortable in the classroom as they were on the field, in the world and with a multitude of experiences under their belts. Take advantage of EVERYTHING we have to offer. Each different experience will be a tool in your tool belt of life – helpful on college applications, in experiential knowledge, and to your overall academic excellence. Skill sets like leadership, time management, project development and finding your “favorite things” are all found in the “joining.”

You will find opportunities in athletics, in leadership, and in four after-school resource centers in math, science, tech and writing … and so much more!


La Salle Mentors is a new addition to La Salle Academy’s enrichment programming as of 2018. Through La Salle Mentors, students will meet with our mentoring network, which consists of La Salle’s distinguished alumni and friends, on a monthly basis after school throughout the academic year.

Mentorship programs are known to promote academic excellence, improved attendance and boost graduation and college admission rates and a better overall performance. La Salle Mentors will also expand relationships and networking within our Lasallian family and focus on promoting overall confidence so our La Salle students are sure to succeed.


  • Cardinal Readiness Program: This four-week program prepares students for high school on both the academic and social level. It is available for all incoming freshmen and is mandatory for some as a condition of their acceptance to La Salle. The students are engaged in three academic courses (study skills, math and English). The program also includes one non-graded period; it is a Guidance/Transitional program that addresses skills such as time and anger management, orientation to school policies, including dress code, rules, etc., and recreation time.
  • La Salle Basketball Camp: La Salle’s Cardinal Basketball Camp includes three separate clinics including a Mini-Camp (open to all boys entering 4th-8th grades) and the Rising Cardinals Clinic (open to rising La Salle 9th graders only).


There are many programs that La Salle offers to support the various levels of ability within each student in every grade. The following programs include:

  • Resource Centers: Students have access to four resource centers after school—Academic, Math, Science, and Writing—which offer tutoring, project development, homework assistance and test preparation. The Math Resource Center provides assistance in integrated algebra, algebra 2 and trigonometry. The Science Resource Center offers help in the natural and physical sciences. The Writing Resource Center provides one-on-one tutoring for students working on any kind of writing for any subject area in any stage of development.
  • SETTS/Special Education Supportive Services: La Salle Academy empowers individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities to acquire the skills they need to access their post-secondary and work-related goals. Direct SETSS instruction is provided to students with IESP’s on behalf of the NYCDOE in a supportive environment, enabling students to remain in the General Education setting.
  • Virtual Library: Launched in summer 2017, La Salle Academy’s Virtual Library provides reference and research databases and websites to the high school academic community. These resources, delivered in a technologically rich and nurturing environment, are used in and out of the classroom to promulgate a love of life-long learning, and the advancement of knowledge for the common good.


At La Salle, our partners enhance the academic experience inside and outside the classroom. La Salle is connected to several top colleges and universities, including St. John’s University, St. Francis College, engineering powerhouse The Cooper Union and our Lasallian affiliate, Manhattan College. We are also proud to call Microsoft our technology partner, which provides us with a sophisticated framework for our tablet program.

La Salle’s neighborhood partner, The Cooper Union’s Albert Nerken School of Engineering drives our esteemed STEAM (STEM with the Arts) program. Students in every grade have the opportunity to become steeped in STEAM curricula through several initiatives: Summer STEM Program, The STEM Days Program, STEM Saturdays, The Saturday Art Program and the High School Innovators Program.
Another neighborhood partner, St. John’s University’s Manhattan Campus sits just a few blocks away from La Salle on Astor Place. Through our partnership with one of the largest Catholic universities in the country, upperclassmen at La Salle will have the option to enroll in a dual-credit course. The course will have a business focus and will fulfill a prerequisite for St. John’s Tobin College of Business, preparing our students for the world of economics, finance and accounting. The 1000-level course is taught by a qualified member of our faculty on our campus. La Salle students will also have the chance to meet St. John’s professors and tour the Manhattan and Queens campuses of St. John’s.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, La Salle Academy formed an academic partnership with Brooklyn-based St. Francis College. Students in our senior Creative Writing class have the option of earning 3 credits from St. Francis College for their work at La Salle. As a member of St. Francis College’s Bridge Program, La Salle’s Creative Writing Class is equivalent to its WRI 2100 Writing Fiction course.


Here at La Salle, we believe in moving “always forward.” Our Cardinals embody that spirit and a tradition of excellence both in the classroom and on the field, whether they’re hitting home runs or hitting the books. La Salle Academy teams compete in the New York City Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) leagues in baseball, basketball, bowling, handball, soccer and track and field at the freshman, junior varsity and varsity levels. In 2017, we welcomed the “new normal” at La Salle with city championship titles earned in junior varsity bowling, junior varsity baseball, varsity baseball and varsity basketball. Our varsity basketball team also went on to win the New York State Class B Federation Tournament for the first time in Cardinal history!


Our baseball teams were the City Champions in 1941, 1960, 2000, 2006, and again in 2017. La Salle’s varsity and junior varsity teams are highly competitive, participating in playoff competitions every year.

Day of Week: Seasonal-Spring Sport
Time: 2:30 pm


1941, 1960, 2000, 2006, 2015, 2016, 2017


La Salle boasts one of the proudest basketball traditions in New York City. Our students have been competing on the court since 1906, a mere 10 years after Dr. James Naismith invented the game. La Salle has produced seven NBA players, including Dick McGuire ’43, Ed Bartels ’44, Bill Kenville ’48, Tom Owens ’67, John Roche ’67, Shammgod Wells ’95 and Ron Artest ’97. La Salle basketball owns 12 city championships – ranging from 1914 to 2017.

Day of Week: Seasonal-Winter Sport
Time: 2:30 pm


1914, 1915, 1916, 1946, 1954, 1960, 1962, 1967, 1971, 1997, 2004 & 2017


Dedicated to the building of school community through sports, La Salle’s bowling team continues to grow in prominence. Junior varsity and varsity teams practice and compete in locations throughout Manhattan and Queens. In the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years, the junior varsity team won the Brooklyn/Queens Division title and moved on to win the CHSAA City Championship game.

Day of Week: Seasonal-Fall/Winter Sport
Time: 2:30 pm


2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018


The ultimate court game and a New York City tradition, handball teaches players precision and stamina. La Salle’s handball team follows the rules of the U.S. Handball Association and in 2006, earned the Division Championship.

Day of Week: Seasonal-Spring Sport
Time: 2:30 pm




Speed, stamina, hand-eye coordination and teamwork are all essential skills built on the soccer field. The team plays in the fall semester and practices every day throughout the season. In recent years, La Salle made it to the playoffs in the quarterfinals of the Class B Division Championship but did not advance.

Day of Week: Seasonal-Fall Sport
Time: 2:30 pm


La Salle’s track and field team consists of cross-country running in the fall, indoor track and field in the winter and outdoor track and field in the spring. Endurance, leadership, guts and dedication are prized in these sports, and our teams embody these traits. La Salle’s track teams of the past have been some of the best in New York City history. In 1971, La Salle was the city champ in cross-country and outdoors. Today, we are consistently making strong runs to the top of the league. Practices are held every day after school and meets are on the weekends.

Day of Week: Year-round
Time: 2:30 pm


In 1987, under the leadership of Alumni Director Brother Henry Betz, Athletic Director Bill Aberer ’67, and Secretary of the La Salle Academy Alumni Board of Governors Bob Welsh ’55, the Athletic Department of La Salle Academy established the Athletic Hall of Fame. The athletic tradition of La Salle, to say the least, has been very rich, and it is only fitting that a vehicle such as the Hall of Fame was established to recognize the accomplishments of our many fabled athletes, coaches, and moderators.