Faculty and Staff

President’s Office

Ms. Candace Hammonds

Principal’s Office

Ms. Nicole Freeman
Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Mr. Jerome Pannell
Assistant Principal for Student Services

Ms. Kimberly Santiago
Executive Assistant to the Principal/Office Manager

Ms. Carmen Santos
School Administrative Assistant/Attendance Officer

Admissions Office

Ms. Megan Welling
Director of Enrollment Management

Mr. Anthony Chin
Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Advancement Office

Ms. Zenaida Sonberg
Senior Advancement Coordinator 

Athletics Office

Mr. Jerome Pannell
Athletic Director

Mr. Christopher Washington
Assistant Athletic Director

(For contact information of each of our coaches, please contact Mr. Pannell.)

Campus Ministry Office

Br. Richard Galvin, FSC
Director of Campus Ministry

Finance Office

Mr. Paul Rich
Director of Finance

Ms. Mary Anne Glassen
Director of Administration

Student Services

Ms. Ann Straub
Coordinator of Student Events & Cultural Enrichment

Mr. Christopher Washington
Principal’s Auxiliary


Ms. Patricia Toney, Chairperson
Ms. Natalie Arndt
Ms. Bridget Dowd
Dr. Aaron Hillyer, Ph.D.
Ms. Susie Romanosky

Fine Arts and Technology

Ms. Mollie O’Mara, Art, Chairperson
Mr. Glen Flax, Music
Ms. Daisy Tavera, Technology


Ms. Rosalie Masullo, Chairperson & College Counselor
Ms. Krista Paolino


Mr. Michael Camba
Mr. Joseph Doyle
Dr. Andrew Roedell, Ph.D.


Dr. Carmen Orama, Ph.D., Chairperson
Mr. Michael Camba
Ms. Daisy Tavera


Ms. Yvette Masullo, Chairperson
Ms. Stephanie Carlsen, Student Government Coordinator
Mr. William Hackshaw
Ms. Ana-Maria Suzana Ritziu

Physical Education

Mr. Jerome Pannell, Athletic Director
Mr. Casey Seawright


Mr. Vincent Estevez, Chairperson
Br. Richard Galvin, FSC, Director of Campus Ministry
Ms. Barbara Powers
Ms. Susie Romanosky


Mr. John Neering, Chairperson
Ms. Yvette Masullo
Ms. Luz Morales