Refresh La Salle

Approximately a year and a half ago was the last time the full contingent of La Salle students came to 215 E 6th Street for class. As we anticipated welcoming back all our Cardinals for the 2021-2022 academic year, we realized that some of the challenges ahead will relate to the social and emotional well-being of the young men whom we serve. We wanted them to return to a familiar, yet different, place where they feel at home in a refreshed environment.

Our space, which has been pretty much vacant and devoid of life since we sent our students home for the last time in March 2020, appeared a bit faded and tired. Some areas required a fresh coat of paint, others called for a dash of pizazz, and still others needed a significant makeover. During the summer months, some students volunteered to come in for “Days of Service” and helped our staff transform the appearance of stairwells, corridors, and classrooms. In particular, the new look of our entryway clearly offers a celebration of life at La Salle Academy once you cross the threshold.

Preparing the building for full occupancy has associated expenses for labor and supplies, as well as food for the students who volunteered their time. Will you make a donation towards the cost of refreshing our school? While not glamorous, it is a necessary project that will enhance our message of welcome and enable us to begin our year in a vibrant way. The brightened look and feel of our common space will affirm for our students that we’re back together and it’s a new beginning. The results of this project will make a lasting impression on all who enter our building at 215 E 6th Street.

I appreciate your consideration of my request and assure you of my prayers.


Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC


P.S. All our years are in some ways exceptional. We recognize what has happened in the last two and we move forward with confidence and enthusiasm. “Back to school” in 2021 is unique! Contribute to assure our students they are welcome as they return to La Salle this fall.