Ash Wednesday Prayer for Ukraine

Today Lent begins. Over the next six weeks, we will open our hearts and minds to move closer to and strengthen our relationship with God in preparation for Easter Sunday.

Our school community will gather this morning for two Lenten prayer services and we will also be offering a prayer at 2:40 this afternoon on behalf of Ukraine, at the request of Pope Francis. Please join us and recite the prayer below from your home.

Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

O Prince of Peace,
Once more we hear the guns of war,
Once more we see the faces of frightened children.

We pray for the people of Ukraine,
That they may be granted peace;
We pray for the people of Russia,
That they may demand peace;
We pray for our country,
That we may be a positive part
Of peacemaking in this world.

O Prince of Peace,
Lead us from this dark time
To a deeper understanding
Of the global human family,
So all may break bread together
In the secure embrace of peace.


In solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbors at St. George’s Ukrainian Academy and Church, our Campus Minister, Brother Richard Galvin, will be attending Mass with seven of our seniors at St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church on Thursday. Please continue to pray for an end to the aggression against our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.