Five Students Selected for Job Opportunity Program

The Job Opportunity Program (JOP), under the auspices of the Inner-City Scholarship Fund, provides rising seniors the opportunity to develop skills that will support them during the college application process and in the future as they enter the workforce.

This highly selective program has been affiliated with La Salle Academy for decades, and former participants have found their involvement as being immeasurable on myriad levels. The application process in itself is a rigorous experience, therefore, the applicants require motivation and interest to do so.  Students engage in six mandatory 90-minute workshops on such topics as resume writing, interviewing skills, self- assessment, representing themselves in the work environment, etc.

The following juniors, from the Class of 2022, have successfully completed the application and are this year’s JOP enrolled participants from La Salle Academy: Stanley E., Ralphie F., David G., Ernesto M. and Frank R.