The Green Team at La Salle Academy!

The arrival of spring usually signals the time to plant seeds, here at La Salle Academy we have been planting and harvesting all year round! This is made possible by our “Green Team” students who participate in our hydroponics program. This innovative program is integrated with our science curriculum, teaching students how the soil-less cultivation method is used. Students learn the benefits of hydroponics and how to combat food insecurity by growing food in urban and poor rural areas around the world.

Members of the Green Team utilize and operate six vertical hydroponic growing systems and can produce up to 50 pounds of produce per week! The students are providing lettuce, mint, cilantro, arugula, thyme, chives, and rosemary to a local restaurant, food banks, and the Good Companion Senior Center in lower Manhattan. Members of this program are living the true Lasallian spirit providing for those most in need in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way.

Students who participate in our hydroponics program develop their project management and botanical skills as they troubleshoot malfunctions with the hydroponic systems and other engineering and design modifications. The Green Team has plans to enhance the science curriculum and increase hydroponic produce to better serve the local community, soup kitchens, and senior centers. Our target to raise for the Green Team Hydroponics Program is $5,000.

“Donating our produce to the community has given us a true build on our values as Lasallians. It’s through the hydroponics program that I’ve learned beneficial ways and means of producing crops in an eco-friendly manner.”
-Jeffery A. ’23

“The fact that I can work with my friends makes it a truly enjoyable experience. The hydroponics experience at La Salle is important because it’s a club that anyone can join, meaning that anyone can walk in during Green Team hours and learn something they didn’t know before.” -Zach S. ’24

“La Salle’s Hydroponics program is important to the local community. We bring lettuce, arugula, and microgreens to the Good Companion Senior Center so they can feed those who are less fortunate. The senior center is extremely grateful and always invite us back to bring more.” – Reeve W. ’24

Your contribution now gives you a role in developing a well-educated, service oriented, and environmentally aware young man. Please do your part! Will you contribute to the Green Team Hydroponics Program? Visit our website to donate online, text LSAGreenTeam to 71777 from your cell phone, or mail a check made payable to La Salle Academy with “Attention to the Advancement Office” at 215 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10003.

Mr. John Neering
Chairperson, Science Department and Moderator, La Salle Academy Green Team