La Salle Academy’s January Recap

Do you realize how easy it is for a video game player, like almost any one of our students, to create his own identity? Selecting an avatar, endowing it with characteristics, and interacting in an imaginary world is a behavior familiar to many La Salle students who spend hours in a virtual reality. Fortunately, at La Salle they also have a verifiable identity, hone their skills, live their values, and experience the fraternal interchange that occurs in our classrooms and on our teams and in our clubs.  The potential lack of coherence between one’s online self and that individual’s offline self poses a concern. My recent participation in a webinar about the wellbeing of adolescents in our society caused me to reflect on the importance of our school’s role in guiding a young man’s evolution of self-discovery in an empirical world we all share.
See below for references to recent activities at La Salle that touched on academic pursuits, theological reflection, and physical fitness…all authentic experiences involving living people!

Dr. Carmen Orama, chair of our Department of Languages other than English, organized a joyful “Three Kings Day” celebration with our students. Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6, the traditional feast of the Epiphany as the culmination of the 12 days of Christmas.

We welcome Mr. Daniel Bahno, a new faculty member in our Social Studies Department. He is an experienced Catholic high school teacher with a BA from St. Francis College and an MA from St. John’s University.

La Salle’s Indoor Track Team earned a 1st Place for the 4 x 8 Varsity CHSAA Sectional Championships at The Armory in Washington Heights. Proudly displaying their medals are Landon, Edgar, Sam, and Emmanuel.

Congratulations to Coach William Hackshaw (pictured center), our track head coach who has been selected by the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) for induction into their Hall of Fame!

Lasallian Youth members volunteered at the Ascension Church Food Pantry in January, as they do monthly to serve those experiencing food insecurity. Among those who help are Matthew, Hazrat, and Nicholas, pictured above.

College acceptance notices have started to arrive. We already have more than 40 colleges and universities ready to welcome men from our Class of ’23. One senior has received a full scholarship to Babson College from the Posse Foundation!

Students participating in the La Salle Fitness Club started the new year on a strong note. The Fitness Center is open to all athletic teams and students who signed up for the Fitness Club. Mr. Rosich, one of our science teachers, and a certified fitness trainer, moderates the club.

Virtual Alumni Reunions are back! We are hosting a series of reunions on Zoom for class years ending in 3 and 8. Pictured above is a throwback to members of the class of 1988 who will be kicking off the Zoom reunions. Click here to view the virtual reunion schedule for this year.

As we enter the second semester of the academic year this week, we rejoice at the success of our seniors as they learn about their college acceptances, and we await with hope the conversion of the increased number of applicants to the status of enrolled students in our Class of 2027.

If your new year’s resolutions included initiating, continuing, or increasing the practice of donating to La Salle Academy I invite you to act now. Your investment in our students makes a difference!

With gratitude and prayers,

Brother Thomas

P.S. if you are in Florida, join me at our reception in Palm Beach Gardens on February 23rd or in Sarasota on March 2nd. For more information, click here!