International Lasallian Days of Peace

International Lasallian Days of Peace began on Tuesday, September 21st and continues through Thursday, October 21st. This is an opportunity for all Lasallians across the globe to unite in prayer. We unite to pray for peace around the world, in our families, neighborhoods, schools, and in our own hearts. The theme this year is “Rise Together for Peace.”

The Regional Council of Young Lasallians organized a prayer vigil to kick off International Lasallian Days of Peace and the month of prayer on September 21st. Various ministries volunteered for 15-minute segments of prayer throughout day. La Salle Academy signed-on for two segments; four students assisted with morning prayer and three students assisted with the afternoon prayer. Carlos A. ’22 read an introductory explanation of Lasallian Days of Peace, Frank R. ’22 read a quote from Scripture, Alejandro A. ’22 prepared a reflection, “What Peace Means to Me,” Aaron P. ’22 prepared a reflection, “How do we Rise Together for Peace at LSA?”, Mattheus D. ’24 and Rowan T. ’24 lead afternoon prayer, and Eamon M. ’23 gave a short reflection on how he feels we at La Salle Rise Together for Peace.

“We Rise for Peace in the Name of…” slips were distributed to Religion classes. A discussion was conducted in class which concluded with students being invited to indicate a group or issue on the slip. Many students pray for peace and equality across the world. The Art and English classes also produced projects which are on display.