La Salle Academy’s February Recap

How terrific it is to have all my colleagues back in our school building and to welcome some students on site as well! The work of our COVID-19 Response Task Force prepared us with the proper protocols, procedures and PPE. Our teachers continue to demonstrate resilience, creativity, and commitment to our mission as they successfully initiated a hybrid model of education.

Just before the students returned to the building, we observed Catholic Schools Week, which included a faculty retreat (pictured above) — a welcome chance to come together to reflect and pray. The titles of two recent Lasallian publications, Great Things are Possible and You are Part of the Miracle, had special resonance, as the teachers reflected on their experiences with their students since March through those two lenses.

When I asked a random sample of students how it felt to be back on site, I received answers like “great,” “better than being at home,” and “I like it!” I am certainly glad for the noise, the energy, and the camaraderie that once again finds a home in our halls.

Our COVID-19 Task Force installed plastic dividers around the desks of our faculty and staff in order to curb the spread of the virus and keep faculty, staff and students safe while they are in the building. Here’s a photo of guidance counselor, Ms. Rosalie Cernaro, in her office with her PPE in place!

To date, our Class of 2021 has been accepted to 73 colleges and universities for the fall, 72 of which are 4-year institutions! The complete list of schools can be viewed on our website by clicking here. We look forward to seeing where these young men will enroll.

Introducing La Salle Academy Alumni News! This page is a new addition to our website and highlights the success of our graduates. Contact Ms. Daria Coney at [email protected] or 212-475-8940 ext. 301 to be featured.

Attention 1996 and 1971 graduates! We will be hosting a virtual reunion to celebrate your 25th and 50th graduation anniversaries, respectively, on Thursday, April 22nd. Please save the date! More information to follow.

The young men who staff the school’s The Cardinal Newspaper released the February 2021 edition. It includes a culmination of profiles written by our students about notable black men and women throughout history. A wonderful tribute to celebrate Black History Month and a wonderful opportunity for you to view our students’ writing. Click here to view the current and past issues of the publication.

Ash Wednesday occurred while we were on our mid-winter break, but part of me feels like I am still in Lent from last year! Our seniors continue to receive acceptance notices from colleges, many of my colleagues have been vaccinated, enrollment numbers for our incoming class are encouraging, and the promise of resurrection will be proclaimed anew as spring arrives and Easter is celebrated. Indeed, there are many reasons to hope.

I am grateful for your affirmation of our mission and your investment in our students. La Salle moves forward! Yes, great things are possible and each of us is a part of the miracle.

God bless!
Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC