Lasallian Youth Assembly

On Thursday, July 15th, the Lasallian Region of North America hosted a virtual Lasallian Youth Assembly. This assembly included 125 high school students from across the United States. Lasallian Youth groups exist in Lasallian schools like ours. Members seek understanding of themselves and the world. They search for this understanding through activities of faithservice, and community.

La Salle Academy was well-represented with the participation of five students: Alejandro A. ‘22, Matheus D. ‘24, Eamon M. ‘23, Aaron P. ‘22, and Rowan T. ’24. These young men were joined by Brother Richard Galvin, FSC, La Salle’s new campus minister. Rising senior, Aaron P. served as La Salle’s spokesperson, introducing the group and leading us in a cheer, “We Are La Salle!” The assembly’s theme was “Mapping Our Way Forward.” It began at 12:00 pm and ended at 5:30 pm. The afternoon consisted of opening and closing ceremonies and prayer as well as breakout sessions and two keynote presentations. Pictured are Matheus D. (3rd Row, 1st frame), Rowan T. ( 2nd Row, 3rd frame), and Br. Richard (1st Row, 4th frame.)  All students are encouraged to consider joining La Salle Academy’s Lasallian Youth Group in September!