La Salle’s Impact on a Recent Alumnus

Does a donation to La Salle Academy make a difference?

Self-awareness in a 23-year-old recent college graduate is an encouraging sign. When a young alumnus credits his high school for nurturing such personal growth, it contextualizes the impact of a high school experience. Franddy R. from La Salle Academy’s Class of 2017 (pictured on this page) credits La Salle for teaching him responsibility, persistence, and diligence. He characterized La Salle as “a place that catalyzed the production of independent, successful and intelligent young men.” In his case, it afforded him the opportunity to rebound and excel.

As our students work to hone their academic skills and seek to understand the world and their place in it, the college-preparatory education and Christian values that define La Salle Academy are powerful factors in their development as young men. You can provide that opportunity to our students when you contribute to this appeal.

Your positive response to my request for your investment in our students will yield good results.  Franddy is one example. We have a school full of many more students that are preparing themselves for a successful life upon graduating from La Salle. You can help them on their journey!

Sincerely, with prayers and best wishes,

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. Franddy is one immigrant whose positive impact on our society is imminent. Read his full testimony to see where he is headed and rejoice in his achievement. Write a check or donate online  here today and make a difference!