La Salle Academy’s November Recap

November brought two significant daily doubles to our students. First, on the 12th, our cross country harriers and our soccer squad each won a New York City Championship! Read about the cross country repeat success here, and read about the soccer’s historical accomplishment here. Below are photos of the city champs.

Then, on the 18th, two fellow Lasallian ministries benefitted from our students’ generosity; a residential school in Pozo Colorado, Paraguay needed a potable water supply and our Lasallian twin school in Nakuru, Kenya needed to supplement the modest school fee the students pay. Members of our school community rallied with fundraisers – a bake sale and a dress down day, respectively – and over $900 was collected for these two causes. Simultaneously, members of our Lasallian Youth group, under the leadership of Br. Rich Galvin, conducted a Thanksgiving Food Drive for a local food pantry. Photos of the bake sale and food drive delivery are pictured below. Service is a key component of our school’s identity and our students have certainly had the “enter to learn, leave to serve” mentality engrained in their La Salle Academy experience this month. We have a reason to be grateful for the growth of a Cardinal’s character.

The Heuther Lasallian Conference is an annual gathering of Lasallian educators within our region of DENA (District of Eastern North America). Our principal, Ms. Kerry Conroy, attended the conference with math teacher Mr. William Hackshaw this month. The theme of this year’s conference was “Together and By Association: Responding to the Signs of the Times.” I am grateful that members of our school’s faculty and staff can benefit from such an event.

Donors, students, and parents are three constituent groups who were present at our Lasallian Patrons Dinner. Donors who contribute to La Salle via the Lasallian Patrons program are invited to this special event to see their generosity in action. It is important, also, for the students to meet with some La Salle benefactors, so they can see first hand who provides their scholarship. Contact Ms. Daria Coney at 212-475-8940 ext. 301 or by email to learn more.

Seniors Aaron N. (left) and Patrick M. (right) were selected as two of 5,613 QuestBridge finalists nationwide! While they were not ultimately two of the 1,755 scholars matched with a school, their status as finalists has them poised for consideration at other top-tier institutions as they embark on their college application process. I am incredibly proud of Aaron and Patrick for taking the initiative to apply to the QuestBridge program. These two have a bright future ahead of them!

Korey Williams ’18 (center), a member of La Salle Academy’s 2017 NYS Championship basketball team and current point guard for Lincoln University, returned to La Salle this month with fellow Cardinal, Jason Armstrong ’95 (right), Interim Head Coach for Lincoln. We had the unique opportunity to host their team for practice in our gym the night before they were scheduled for a game here in the NYC. Also pictured is La Salle’s Athletic Director Mr. Jerome Pannell.

November is the month in our Catholic tradition when we reflect on the lives of those who have gone before us. During this month, the Book of Remembrance that is enshrined in our chapel gains a special recognition as it is presented at the offertory during our school wide Mass on All Saints Day. At any time, when a donor contributes to La Salle in memory of someone who has died, we record the deceased’s name in our Book of Remembrance and that individual is regularly remembered in prayer. We recall with gratitude those who have gone before us.

We also, of course, remember you, a faithful believer in the good work done at La Salle Academy. During this season when our society invites us to focus on giving thanks, we are grateful for your affirmation of our mission and your investment in our students.

May God continue to bless you and those special to you!

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. If you contributed to our #GivingTuesday campaign this month, thank you! Your donation added to our nearly $12,000 total of funds raised for our flourishing art program and supplies are already in the process of being purchased. Ms. O’Mara and her art students are incredibly grateful.