A Special Message from the President

March 20, 2020

Dear Friends of La Salle,

Lent 2020 has taken a unique turn. The pandemic that envelops our planet is impacting lives across the globe. A surreal scene surrounds our school and anxiety is in the air. I suspect the same is true where you are. May God bless us all and guide us safely through this period of crisis.

As one of our benefactors wrote to me in a recent email, “the obligation to educate these guys is not suspended.” He’s right; I assure you La Salle Academy is mobilized and moving forward!

Students, staff, and teachers are working remotely and all of us are learning how to live out the mission of La Salle Academy in these uncertain times. Each of our students has a school-issued Microsoft Pro tablet at home with him. Each of our teachers is working at his or her house. Spectrum has offered free Internet access to anyone who may not have had that service at home. A regular school day schedule is in effect! Teachers are tapping their creativity and using technology to their advantage. Students are growing in responsibility as they set their timers for the change of periods, punctually log into their next class, participate in the lesson that is presented, and submit their work within the given time interval. Students are seeing teachers as learners. Each teacher’s experience as a role model will be enhanced as our young men witness the importance of learning to learn!

Our guidance personnel are regularly checking in with the students in their caseload to ensure they are coping well. Our clerical staff is working remotely, monitoring attendance and responding to phone calls. Our administrators are supporting teachers, providing pedagogical resources, and addressing glitches that surface.

Although our modality may have changed, our obligation to educate the young men entrusted to us continues. Our fixed costs remain stable and the ability of some parents to pay next month’s tuition on time is in jeopardy. If your financial situation is such that you can contribute to our Easter appeal, please consider donating at this time.

La Salle Academy is composed of a terrific team of dedicated people, who are currently energized in a new way to serve the students entrusted to us. Please join us by investing in those young men! The Easter promise of new life looms on the horizon. Together, with God as our shield, we will make the journey!

Thank you, be well.

Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC