Alumni Day 2014 is Coming Up

Reconnect at Alumni Day 2014

Saturday, November 15 – Noon to 4:00

Welcome Back! Come on down to 44 East 2nd Street once again for a day of FUN, FRIENDSHIP, FOOD and it’s all FREE. It’s LSA’s way of saying “Remember, You are LaSalle”. Come for hot dogs, pickles and a bagel with a schmear!

We’ll be back in the Original School Building – from 1936 – that we lived in and learned to love for our four years. It’ll bring back memories and the best of friends. You’ll think of the good days, and some bad days too. You’ll be reminded of our great coaches and teams … Danny Buckley, Jim McDermott, Bill Aberer, Ray Polanco … the players – Artest, Shammgod, Roche, Candelaria, McGuire, and others! And the teachers … Mr. Quinn, Brother Brendan, Brother Carl Malacalza, Brother Bernard. You’ll meet the faculty from the past and the present … Alfred Cresci, Sr. Kathleen Doherty, Brigid Higgins, Steve Kerrigan, Frank McDonnell, Br. Michael McLaughlin, John Neering, Elizabeth Nolan, Jay Podell, Patrick Scarola, Ann Straub, Rocco Vaccarelli and others!

BRING YOUR FAMILY. Show them where you went to school and the neighborhood…Katz’s, Delancey Street, the new Bowery, the ball field and track down at the river…. and what they are all like now. These were four of your most important years of your life… share the memories with the KIDS.


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