QUESTION: Will AP exams take place? If so, when?

ANSWER: AP exams are taking place at home this year during the weeks of May 11-22. Those students enrolled in those classes must make sure they have spoken to their teachers and understand the procedures, dates, and times for these important tests. We encourage you to really take this opportunity seriously as it can earn you college credit.

QUESTION: Will we still have Graduation, Senior Breakfast and Prom?

Graduation: Taking into account feedback gathered from seniors and their parents, graduation has been postponed from June 4th to August 13th. This will take place at St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 7 PM. If the current health crisis has not changed and we are not allowed to hold an in-person ceremony at that time, a virtual ceremony will be held then, and a reunion opportunity will be provided in the fall.

Senior Breakfast:
We will hold a virtual senior breakfast on June 3rd. Details regarding this event will be sent out separately.

It is with a heavy heart that we are cancelling the prom this year. Given the current circumstances, certain things had to be let go.

QUESTION: Will there still be a sports awards dinner?

ANSWER: We are exploring ways to honor our athletes, especially our seniors. Details regarding that will follow.