Guidance Department Receives Big Honor Among Catholic School Counselors

La Salle Academy is proud to announce an honor bestowed upon two members of the school’s faculty.

Ms. Sandra Sanchez, Guidance Counselor, and Ms. Rosalie Cernaro, College Advisor – both members of La Salle’s Guidance Department – have been named as President and Vice President, respectfully, of the New York City Catholic Secondary School Counselors Association for the 2018-19 academic year. This elite organization is

“… a group of caring professionals who are committed to promoting the intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development of adolescents within the Catholic tradition. We continually seek to share and exchange ideas through regular meetings and professional development opportunities that will enhance our productivity and effectiveness as counselors.” – New York City Catholic Secondary Counselors Association Mission Statement

This is an extraordinary honor for these two dedicated Lasallians, both of whom have called La Salle home for the last few years.

“They are both part of the new vanguard of highly recruited and elite educators at La Salle who dedicate themselves to the caring and covering of the ‘whole life of the child’ at our La Salle. Sandra and Rosalie couldn’t be more center-stage to our Lasallian successes.” -Dr. Catherine Guerrieo, President of La Salle Academy

In addition to teaching Psychology as an elective, Ms. Cernaro is the College Counselor at La Salle Academy. In the last three years, she quadrupled the amount of college financial aid and scholarships given each year to our seniors and in 2018, she guided our students to reach a 100% college acceptance rate.

Ms. Sanchez – who started her career in education and service as a Lasallian Volunteer a decade ago – has become a true leader within our La Salle Academy community and a centrifugal force of our recent successes at La Salle. Ms. Sanchez accepted this position, saying

“We will be bringing school counselors together from across the five boroughs of NYC on important topics that affect school counselors in the city, specifically in Catholic education. This is an honor for both of us!  And we are also keeping it Lasallian! We look forward to serving and helping our fellow school counselors across the city and most of all representing La Salle Academy!”

La Salle Academy congratulates both Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Cernaro for this incredible honor and the extraordinary work they continue to do on behalf of the young men of La Salle Academy.