La Salle @ Cooper Union

A unique STEM education partnership

  • Summer STEM Program – La Salle’s upperclassmen are selected to participate in this prestigious program that allows high school students to tackle research and engineering design problems in a college setting.
  • STEM Days – La Salle’s students are immersed in one-day, intensive experiences that expose them to the diversity and impact of the STEM fields in modern society.
  • STEM Saturdays – For ten consecutive Saturdays, interested La Salle students are engaged in a hands-on, minds-on learning environment geared toward exposing them to the breadth of STEM careers.
  • The Community of Microbes – The Community of Microbes is an interactive, augmented reality exhibit that introduces visitors to eight groups of microorganisms that live and operate in the same spaces as humans but are unseen.

“Programs like these are particularly impactful  on students with the level of creativity and dedication that the La Salle boys have exhibited during these past several years at Cooper Union…I’m delighted to offer these programs in which students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world problems. This intensive, hands-on application is how they will differentiate themselves from others as they apply to college.” George J. Delagrammatikas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Albert Nerken School of Enginnering, The Cooper Union

“Our partnership with Cooper Union is a unique opportunity for La Salle students. Cooper Union’s programming adds another real-world application to La Salle’s classroom instruction. In today’s competitive world, this connection gives our La Salle students a true advantage as future participants in the STEM field.” ~Matthew Stark, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs