La Salle Reads Reception

Our La Salle boys love to read! On Friday, October 2, sixteen boys were recognized at the La Salle Reads Reception for reading six books over the summer. The reception was hosted by Brother William and English Chairperson, Pat Toney, who awarded each boy for their hard work. Among the winners were freshmen, Chandler Hayer and Jeffrey Tejada, sophomores, Christian Cueto, Micah Martin, Gilbert Santos, Christian Tolerant, Alexander Valcourt, and Derek Yip, junior, Geordon Del Toro, and seniors, Wilfredo Cueto (his mother received his award on his behalf), Carl Devis, Takhlo Dhondup, Justin Hopkins, Luis Tejeda, and Andrew Tom. Jeffery Tejeda, Gilbert Santos, Geordan Del Toro, and Wilfredo Cueto were awarded for the best book reports in their grade. Congratulations to the winners! Keep up the great work!

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