La Salle at Rube Goldberg Robotics Competition!

As a result of our year-long work with Cooper Union, our boys came in 2nd place at the Rube Goldberg Robotics Competition on Sunday at the Fieldston School in Riverdale. Our team – a combined effort with St. Joseph’s HS for Girls (another collaborative in motion) – created a kinetic machine of sorts that was titled “War and Peace” which framed the connection between the duality of push / pull to that of pushes of war and the return to peace …

This was our first competition of this sort and we – literally – almost made it to the national competition. Great thanks go to the LaSalle Academy science department, Cooper Union Engineering Dean George Delagrammatikas who worked on this project with our boys all year, and especially the LaSalle students who did the work.

We also got a special award for a two-school collaboration (with St. Joe’s) which the judges created on the spot and thought was particularly “science-worthy.”

rube goldberg