La Salle Students Find Sense of Community Despite Distance Learning

Distance learning can sometimes make it difficult to remember the tight-knit community that makes La Salle Academy so special. Many, if not most students speak about the brotherhood they have found as a student at La Salle Academy. This brotherhood is seen in the hallways, in the classroom, and on the athletic fields and courts. Teachers and students have found a way to create this sense of community even while practicing social distancing. Mr. Rosich is one of those teachers.

While students cannot be physically together, Mr. Rosich wanted to create a sense of community. On Thursday, May 14th, he conducted a scavenger hunt for students to find items in their homes. Each round had a point system associated with the items. The student coming in first place would have the opportunity to remove their lowest grade from the semester. The second-place winner would win a pizza party when returning to school.

Mr. Rosich began the first round by asking the students to find some hard-to-find items like six rolls of toilet paper and a can of disinfectant spray. During each round, students ran frantically around their homes in hopes of finding the required items to win the most points. This activity brought a smile to everyone’s face and brought back a sense of brotherhood and community during this unprecedented time.