La Salle Track Opens Up Season at CHSAA Season Opener

Saturday, March 30, 2019, Icahn Stadium Participating in the first official meet of the Outdoor Track Season, the Cardinals would have over 30 athletes in attendance with great weather accompanying them.

A strong showing throughout the day, the Cardinals would earn victories and Gold medals in three events with Denzel Avila winning the 1600M Sophomore Run, Joshua Louis winning the 400M Freshman Run & Denzel Avila, Shane Cruz, Justin Gonzalez and Branden Pannell winning the 400m Sophomore Relay.


La Salle had several other Top 5 finishes including: Varsity 400m (4th place – Baimbridge, Torres, McCoy, Francois), Sophomore 400m (4th place – Shane Cruz),  400m Sophomore Relay (4th place – Butts-Jones, Moy, Rodriguez, Sinchi-Dominguez), 400m Freshman Relay (2nd Place – Louis, Walsh, Mateo, Rosario & 3rd place – Lee, Ruiz, Lui, Ye).