La Salle @ Xavier Invitational XC Meet Results

Saturday, September 22, 2018, Van Cortlandt Park – La Salle fielded 22 runners at the Xavier Invitational Cross Country Meet at Van Cortlandt Park. With over 75% of the team recording their personal best time, the team and track program at La Salle are showing significant progress and growth.
The team will race again on Thursday, October 4th as part of the Fordham Prep Developmental Meet.

10:54.09 SB Joshua Louis* 46th Freshman Boys 2500m A
11:27.24 SB Jon Ruiz* 62nd Freshman Boys 2500m A
11:43.36 SB Jack Walsh* 72nd Freshman Boys 2500m A
11:49.25 SB Javard Dawkins* 76th Freshman Boys 2500m A
12:18.70 SB Devin Mateo* 82nd Freshman Boys 2500m A
13:25.09 SB Jared Rosado* 99th Freshman Boys 2500m A
14:38.0 Bryan Rosario 106th Freshman Boys 2500m A
14:54.7 Conan Lee 107th Freshman Boys 2500m A
15:05.1 Gregory Garib 109th Freshman Boys 2500m A
16:20.7 Daniel Estevez 113th Freshman Boys 2500m A
17:56.6 Adriel Rondon 118th Freshman Boys 2500m A
16:39.26 SB Elias Torres* 49th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
18:12.04 SB Shane Cruz* 105th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
18:40.77 SB Amadou Kouyate* 120th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
19:17.54 SB Denzel Avila* 163rd Sophomore Boys 4000m Run
19:32.60 SB Theo Noble* 135th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
19:45.28 SB Marc-Butts Jones* 177th Sophomore Boys 4000m Run
19:46.25 SB Waleed Muhammad* 144th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
19:50.44 SB Branden Pannell* 180th Sophomore Boys 4000m Run
20:03.01 SB Malachi Solomon* 147th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
23:07.09 SB Jayden Moore*  171st JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
*Personal Best