La Salle’s Tablet Program: Round 2

Wednesday, September 7, 2016: La Salle Academy entered into the second year of its tablet program with one of the biggest La Salle classes the school has seen in years, the Class of 2020. Thanks to La Salle’s robust partnership with Microsoft, 105 freshmen received Microsoft Surface Tablets to enhance their academic experience for four years. These young men were all smiles as they unveiled their tablets and spent the day training up on how to use the tablets to their advantage.

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The sophomores also received their tablets this morning after leaving the devices in the safety of La Salle for the summer. The sophomores received a training as well to refresh their technology skills and knowledge of best practices.

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Both the freshmen and sophomores will participate in a tablet-based curriculum which enables students to learn digital literacy, navigate social media and share content with the world. The first year of the tablet program was so wildly successful that the school’s tablet program made it into the New York Times! Students were seen getting competitive in the classroom while taking quizzes on their tablets which are linked to the SMART Boards in the classrooms. This is just one sign of the increased student engagement that these devices promote.

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La Salle is leading edge. With a world that has become increasingly digital, the use of technology in schools has become increasingly relevant and necessary. There is a rather large trend of digital learning and La Salle is at the forefront.