Special Message from the President

November 2021

“It is good to give thanks…” So begins Psalm 92, a hymn of gratitude and praise to God. I start this greeting with these words as well because they resonate with me in a special way these days. Every year as we approach Thanksgiving Day, my sense of appreciation is sharpened… and it is particularly acute this year. All our students are receiving their education in person, and dozens of teenage boys are expressing their happiness that they are in school! Three of them shared why they are grateful to attend La Salle Academy:

“I am grateful to attend La Salle Academy because the teachers are genuinely supportive of us as people, not just as students.” – Frank R. ’22

“When I was deciding which high school to attend, I picked La Salle because of one main reason: the environment. I am grateful that it feels like a family. I feel proud when I tell people that I go to La Salle.” – Reeve W. ‘24

“I am grateful to be at La Salle because of its caring community. It’s been only a month since I began high school, but it’s already apparent that the teachers care deeply for their students and are willing to be accommodating and helpful with their own time.” – Devyn K. ‘25

I give thanks for you, the alumni, friends, and benefactors of La Salle. Your prayers and financial gifts transform young lives. Please consider a donation toward our Thanksgiving Appeal that will enable us to sustain and enhance the quality Catholic education La Salle has been known for since 1848. In doing so, you are contributing to a better future for our students – like Frank, Reeve, and Devyn – and for the common good. Don’t downplay the power of your role!

May God bless you and those special to you and may you find many reasons to give thanks.


Brother Thomas P. Casey, FSC

P.S. The testimonies from Frank, Reeve, and Devyn are why I know it is good to give thanks to you for your investment in their education.