Plan for the 2nd Quarter

Thank you for your replies to our survey regarding the proposed plan for the 2nd quarter. We had an 88.5% return rate. That is fantastic. I appreciate the comments and questions. Below is a summary of that parent feedback.

  • 62% of the respondents did not feel comfortable with their son participating in in-person classes for the 2nd quarter. Some of those saw the plan as good, but just believed it is too soon to implement it.
  • 38% of the respondents said they did feel comfortable, but some of those stated that they would feel more confident if the plan began later in the school year.
  • Other parents indicated there was a concern that the high quality of the education that is being provided right now would change with the attention being split between two groups (those at home and those in the classroom) at the same time.

Given those numbers, the concern of and for some faculty members, the COVID hot spots that have occurred, potential civic unrest with the election, the coming winter season, travel and visiting that takes place during the holidays, it was determined that it was best to continue with the full remote education plan for the 2nd quarter. In early January, we will reassess to see if it is feasible to engage in the hybrid plan for the 3rd quarter, and perhaps even have students come in for mid-term exams.

We miss the students in the building, but feel that this is the best plan for La Salle Academy at this time. Please continue to keep the lines of communication open. We want to continue to support one another through this.


​Ms. Kerry Conroy