The Joe D’Angelo Literacy Center

This morning, November 24th, the La Salle Library on 6th Street was renamed The Joe D’Angelo Literacy Center after Joe D’Angelo, Class of ’48 who has been a long-time supporter of La Salle Academy. Mr. D’Angelo was accompanied by his wife of 51 years, Marsha. He was delighted by some surprise guests including his classmate, Jim Predergast, and his dear friend from the Hearst Foundation, George Irish. My Irish was awarded a framed picture and quote for the Hearst Foundation’s generous gift of SMART boards in each classroom. The library was transformed with cardinal red and 3 large bookshelves filled with books donated from Mr. D’Angelo’s personal library. Before enjoying a hot breakfast, everyone listened to heartwarming words from Mr. D’Angelo as he spoke about his memories of the La Salle Library on 2nd Street, where his love for reading blossomed. Mr. D’Angelo was awarded with a framed picture to commemorate this ribbon-cutting ceremony.  La Salle Academy thanks Mr. and Mrs. D’Angelo for their generous donation of the Literacy Center where many La Salle boys will make memories and fall in love with reading.

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