The McGee Science Center: A Dedication Ceremony


On Friday, December 2, 2016, La Salle dedicated The McGee Science Center in honor of img_6840the McGee family. Because of their generosity, La Salle is able to have four hydroponic towers and two 3D printers in the classroom. Nearly 20 members of the McGee family were able to attend this dedication ceremony as well as students and many friends of La Salle and the McGees.

La Salle is tremendously pleased to recognize the McGee family for their dedication to a life of learning, education and faith. Dr. T. Howard McGee ’58 sits on La Salle Academy’s Board of Trustees in addition to img_6888graduating from La Salle. Dr. McGee, his wife, and their family have shown their commitment to La Salle with their time and generosity. La Salle is grateful for their gifts.