Stephen Kerrigan, Faculty ‘69-’12

Educator of the Year Award Recipient

Born in The Bronx, Stephen Kerrigan is the eldest of eight children raised in an Irish Catholic family, all products of Catholic education. An alumnus of Rice High School, an Irish Christian Brothers institution, Mr. Kerrigan attributes his interest and love for education to the Brothers, an association he joined for three years.

After graduating from Rice, Mr. Kerrigan went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Iona College and he began his career at La Salle Academy in 1969. Later, Mr. Kerrigan completed graduate coursework at Lehman College, St. John’s University, and finally, Queens College, where he earned his master’s degree. Proving his love of education, he continued taking classes which led him to nearly completing a second master’s.

During his time at La Salle from 1969-2012, Mr. Kerrigan taught all levels of Spanish and served as the Department Chair for ten years. Mr. Kerrigan also moderated the Spanish Club, Asian Club, Travel Club, Student Council and the National Honor Society. He has said that the presence of his wonderful friends and colleagues – Bernie Zablocki, Rocco Vaccarelli, Nancy Rodriguez, Margaret DeRosa, Tom Schaller, and so many more – enhanced his experience at La Salle. He is grateful for their affection and concern.

He is also grateful to all of his former students and proud of them for their accomplishments. He is glad to have played a role in providing many of La Salle Academy’s young men the direction to grow into their full potential and intellectual promise through further academic advancement.

Mr. Kerrigan will be receiving the Educator of the Year Award in recognition of his 43 years of service to La Salle. He is one of the most celebrated educators among La Salle’s alumni community. After retiring nearly eight years ago, Mr. Kerrigan looks back at his 43 years at La Salle as a fulfilling experience, instilling Christian values and the Spanish language and culture into so many students.

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