Celebrating La Salle Works!

On Wednesday, September 30, nearly 30 students gathered to celebrate La Salle’s wonderful internship program that is La Salle Works. Representatives from several internship sites spoke about the variety of opportunities available to students interested in participating in a program that will head start their futures by giving them skills that will last a lifetime. Two students encouraged others to participate by telling of the invaluable skills they gained from their internship. Many others were present, including La Salle Works Director, Nolan Sullivan, Board of Trustees President, Valentine Lehr, and President, Dr. Catherine Guerriero. As Dr. Guerriero says, “La Salle Works because we work.”DSC_1032 DSC_1040 DSC_1041 DSC_1069 DSC_1080 DSC_1107 DSC_1110 DSC_1112 DSC_1114