La Salle Academy Announces Major Expansion

July 13, 2017 –

Dear La Salle Academy Community:
In a move that bucks the trend of most Catholic high schools across the country, La Salle Academy is embarking on a major expansion plan that includes occupying the third floor at the 6th street campus.

We are increasing our school space to a full one-third more capacity and will now populate the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors at our school building. Our student body – capped at about 100 per grade due to the space constraints –can now be grown at a rapid rate. We plan to dedicate rooms for specific purposes such as a band space for our fledgling music program, chapel for prayer, and state-of-the-art library equipped with computers. Our students will have additional resource centers and a senior lounge area.
As La Salle prepares to welcome in September its second wait-list freshman class—the largest in many years—it will do so with two new administrators. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Principal, Kerry Conroy, will be flanked by two extraordinary educators: Matthew Stark, La Salle’s former English and Global Studies teacher for two years, has been named La Salle’s new Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs and Jerome Pannell, our Athletic Director, Varsity Basketball Coach and Campus Minister, has also been appointed Assistant Principal for Student Services.

La Salle is also excited to welcome new faculty members, including a Fine Arts Chairperson, Science Chairperson, Science Teacher, Religion Teacher, History Teacher, History/English Teacher and Assistant Campus Minister. These key hires will be instrumental in our efforts to be even more academically competitive with the top Catholic high schools in New York City.

While many Catholic schools face another year of decline, La Salle Academy has entered fiscal 2018 with one of the strongest starts in decades as we significantly increase our administrative staff, faculty, admissions and footprint. This major expansion portends our move back to 2nd Street in subsequent years. We are grateful for your support and ask that you stay with us on this journey back home. We cannot accomplish this key goal without your help.

Please keep us in your hearts and in prayer as we fulfill the mission of St. John Baptist de La Salle to educate the young, especially the poor, and secure the longevity of our beloved school. Our goal is to make sure that generations of Brothers’ Boys have the opportunity to walk the hallowed hallways of La Salle like many of you. Thank you.

St. John Baptist de La Salle….Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts. Forever!

Catherine L. Guerriero, Ph.D., M.P.A.
President, La Salle Academy