Principal Kerry Conroy Receives the Bassen Service Award

After nearly two decades of service at La Salle Academy, Principal/Vice President Conroy has been awarded the Bassen Service Award.

Beginning as a Lasallian Volunteer and serving as the campus minister, tutor, and freshmen religion teacher, Ms. Conroy returned to La Salle shortly after her years of service to serve the Lasallian young men once again as a guidance counselor. Soon after that, Ms. Conroy was promoted to Director of Guidance and most recently served as La Salle’s Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs. Committed to Catholic education in the Lasallian tradition, Ms. Conroy was named Principal of La Salle Academy in June 2016 and was given the additional title of Academic/Student Affairs in February 2017 .


The Bassen Service Award was named in honor of Brother Christopher Bassen, FSC (1942-2006). This award recognizes an alumnus of the Lasallian Volunteers who has continued a life of service since their volunteer year(s). Brother Chris lived and breathed De La Salle’s mission of service to the poor. Chris nourished and made real his dream of the Lasallian Educational Opportunities (L.E.O.) Center in Oakland, CA. L.E.O. continues to provide educational opportunity to “at-risk” youth and adults who may otherwise not receive the assistance, guidance and resources they need. The recipient of this award is an alumnus of the Lasallian Volunteer program who has incorporated the value of Lasallian service to the poor into the fabric of his/her life.

Congratulations, Ms. Conroy!