La Salle Sophomores Study The Saints

Thursday, March 5, 2020 – Every academic department at La Salle Academy requires each student to complete a special project. The religion project includes a presentation based on individual research completed by the student. Each grade level presents on a different topic.

The sophomore students recently completed their religion projects, which focused on the lives of the saints in the Catholic Church. Every sophomore wrote a three-page paper about a Catholic saint and made a formal presentation to their classmates, elaborating on the facts and major achievements, as well as traits and attributes of the saint that everyone can strive to exemplify. One student wrote, “Saint Josephine Bakhita’s traits of love and forgiveness should be some of many that we as Catholics should exemplify in our daily lives.” All the students gave specific examples of how they can carry on the legacies of these saints, such as random acts of kindness, helping others even when it is not in our best interest and praying for the saints’ intercession “so we may share the same strength and courage.”

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