Special Message from the Principal

Dear La Salle Academy Community,

Governor Hochul announced Sunday that the statewide mask mandate for schools will end on Wednesday, March 2nd. Beginning Monday, March 14th, masks will be optional for all students, faculty, and staff at La Salle Academy.

Knowing for weeks that the mandate potentially could be lifted, our Administrative and Covid Teams have closely followed the Covid situation in our region and carefully considered how to proceed. We have taken into account the combination of very low levels of infection in the New York City area and the high rate of vaccination in our community. However, we are also looking at the fact that we have just returned from Mid-winter break and many people may have been traveling. Therefore, we will continue with mandatory mask wearing through Friday, March 11th. If circumstances between now and March 14th change, our plan will adjust, and you will be notified.

Of course, masks are not disappearing from our lives or from our building. Some of us will choose to continue wearing them. Under certain circumstances, like exposure to Covid, certain community members may be asked to wear a mask for a certain period of time. Also, if a new variant arises or cases spike again in our region, we will consider whether to reinstitute the mask requirement in our building.

We will continue to regularly test our student body and faculty and staff. We ask you to monitor you and your son’s health vigilantly and take precautions if any in your family develop symptoms consistent with a Covid infection.

Almost two years have passed since the world began to grapple with the pandemic. This public health crisis has required us to adjust our lives and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. We are grateful for your flexibility, patience, and care for our wider community, including the most vulnerable among us.

We will continue to monitor our community and region’s public health situation, and will keep you informed as our protocols evolve in response to the latest data and recommendations.


Ms. Kerry Conroy