La Salle Supports

There are many programs at La Salle Academy to support each student of every ability at every stage of their high school journey.

La Salle Mentors

Through La Salle Mentors, students will meet with our mentoring network, which consists of La Salle’s distinguished alumni and friends, on a monthly basis after school throughout the academic year. Click here to read more about La Salle Mentors.

La Salle in the Summer

Students engage in curricular and extracurricular programs all summer long to close the learning gap and prepare students for high school. Click here to read about all of our summer programs.

SETSS (Special Education Support Services)

La Salle Academy empowers individuals with diagnosed learning disabilities to acquire the skills they need to access their post-secondary and work-related goals. Direct SETSS instruction is provided to students with IESP’s on behalf of the NYCDOE in a supportive environment, enabling students to remain in the General Education setting.

Resource Centers

Students have access to three resource centers after school— Math, Science, and Writing—which offer tutoring, project development, homework assistance and test preparation. The Math Resource Center provides assistance in integrated algebra, algebra 2 and trigonometry. The Science Resource Center offers help in the natural and physical sciences. The Writing Resource Center provides one-on-one tutoring for students working on any kind of writing for any subject area in any stage of development.

Virtual Library

Launched in summer 2017, La Salle Academy’s Virtual Library provides reference and research databases and websites to the high school academic community. These resources, delivered in a technologically rich and nurturing environment, are used in and out of the classroom to promulgate a love of life-long learning, and the advancement of knowledge for the common good. Click here to use the La Salle Academy Virtual Library.