Summer Reading Lists (updated)



LaSalle Reads is an exciting new program at LaSalle Academy that highlights commitment that LaSalle has to the importance of reading as part of a rigorous, college-bound, high school education.

Every summer, each class of incoming freshmen, rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to read a set of 3 or 4 books per student, as outlined by the English Department at LaSalle.  These separate, grade-specific reading lists are required reading, and must be completed for discussion by the first week of school, as are the single page summaries required, one per book read.  The mandatory reading lists and the extra reading lists are attached.

In addition the LASALLE Reads program will be engaging every student at La Salle to read more.  For every student that comes back from Summer Vacation having read TEN (10) books or more, they will be names ad LASALLE READERS.  The books chosen must be from the approved attached lists.  Each book must be accompanied by a summary sheet (one per book) that must be typed and completed in the format attached to this memo.  All LA SALLE READERS that have successfully reached this ten book threshold AND have handed in their approved book summaries by Friday September 9th will be invited to a Presidential Luncheon at the end of September that will be co-hosted by the La Salle English Department.  In addition, all LA SALLE READERS will be awarded the gift of NO BOOK FEE for the academic year following that summer of reading.  The book fees which are due in November each year are different for each student based on their specific book needs. The books fees usually are between $100 and $250 per academic year.

Finally, the student that successfully reads the MOST books per grade (four awards total) will receive an additional stipend of $250 that will be taken off their tuition for the academic year.  If there is a tie, the English Department Chair, Ms. Patricia Toney, who will be guiding this program, will determine the grade-level winners based on the quality of the summaries.


Any questions, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Pat Toney, Chair of the English Department at La Salle Academy. She can be reached during the summer at [email protected].

Please find the attached files below.