LSA Tech

Tablet-Based Curriculum

La Salle has created a cutting-edge digital learning environment for students. In fact, we are one of the few all-boys Catholic high schools in New York City to offer incoming freshman a tablet computer – a key learning tool in today’s world.

La Salle has a developed an exciting partnership with Microsoft, which will help drive the integration of tablets in the classroom and provide our faculty with the latest training. La Salle’s tablet-based curriculum enables students to learn digital literacy, navigate social media and share content with the world. We have also made significant investments to build a Wi-Fi network to enable wireless capabilities throughout our campus.

Classroom Tech

Every La Salle classroom is outfitted with a Smartboard to enhance the learning experience. Our science lab features a state-of-the-art 3D printer and scanner as part of our burgeoning STEAM program. And our students have access to two fully stacked computer labs.

La Salle also uses the latest online classroom management system to communicate with parents and students. Quizzes, homework hand-in, grading and attendance are posted online, helping parents and students track their academic progress.