Distance Learning

Through a Civil War, two World Wars, and other skirmishes and disruptions, La Salle Academy stayed true to its commitment to teaching immigrants and the sons of immigrants. The COVID-19 pandemic is another in the series of challenges that caused us to focus on our mission while rethinking how best to stay the course.

Our paradigm for schooling veered in a new and unexpected direction in the spring of 2020. The leadership of our Principal, Ms. Kerry Conroy, and our Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Mr. Matt Stark, successfully rallied our teachers to exercise their creativity, tap the tools of technology, and work harder than ever.

In March, our school adapted to a new way of learning and teaching and has since continued providing a college-preparatory Catholic education with great success. “It’s been wonderful to not have to worry about our sons continuing to receive a quality education during this time,” commented the mother of a ninth-grader.

The academic rigor at La Salle persisted, despite the distance. We are always prepared to teach our students with the most effective methods during these challenging times. Our accomplishments with distance learning were recently featured in this amNY article – check it out!


Joshua Rocamora ’22: “La Salle has done extremely well adapting swiftly and effectively to new standards in terms of educating young students like me. With the help of technology, teachers are able to provide us materials and knowledge we need to succeed. Even though teachers and students are no longer in one room, students at La Salle are still able to connect with teachers through apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets. Distance learning has given us some problems along the way, but with the ingenuity of both teachers and students, we were able to provide solutions to those problems.”

Parents of a ninth-grader: “The swiftness of your actions, the mobilization and commitment of the entire La Salle team to implement contingency plans to avoid academic teaching disruptions is outstanding. We greatly appreciate the professionalism with which you handled this unique situation” noted the parents of a ninth grader.