2020-2021 Guest Lecturers

Below is a list of our 2020-2021 guest lecturers! If you’re interested in participating in this program, please contact Ms. Ann Straub at astraub@lasalleacademy.org or 212-475-8940 ext. 376.

March 9th & March 11th
Ms. O’Mara’s Introduction to Art Class
Mr. Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D., Professor, Departments of Literature, Writing and Publishing, Interdisciplinary Studies, St. Francis College, will be teaching in our Introduction to Art classes
February 24th
Mr. Murphy’s Economics Class
Ms. Emily Horowitz, Associate Government Relations Manager for the American Heart Association (AHA), oversees a portfolio of AHA’s advocacy priorities including tobacco control, maternal and child health, and nonprofit finance. In this capacity, she manages relationships with Members of Congress and partner organizations. In 2019, Emily successfully lobbied to pass bipartisan legislation raising the federal minimum legal sale age of tobacco from 18 to 21. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been a vocal advocate to ensure nonprofits are included in economic relief packages from Congress and the Federal Reserve.
January 20th
Ms. Giancaspro’s English 2 Honors Class
Mr. Jeffrey Sussman, Author and Public Relations Consultant
January 15th
Ms. Masullo’s Geometry Honors Class
Mr. Emau Vega and Ms. Xuxa Edwards, Architects at FXCollaborative
January 13th
Ms. O’Mara’s Advanced Art Class
Mr. Howard Skrill, St. Francis College Art Professor
January 12th
Ms. Tavera’s Finance Class
Social media webinar presented by the Jets Manager of Social Media, Mr. Kevin Kline
January 12th
Mr. Cygan’s Criminal Law Class
Mr. Phillip Hamilton, Esq., Founding Partner at Hamilton Clarke, LLP
December 16th & 18th
Mr. Estevez’s and Mr. Pena’s Social Justice classes
Nationally renowned attorney, recognized by numerous “best lawyers” publications, Ms. Cheryl David, will address immigration law, naturalization, etc. within a Christian context.
December 11th
Ms. Giancaspro’s 10th grade English class
Ms. Ann Segan, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Arthur Rothstein Legacy Project and Research Associate at the Living New Deal, will use her father’s New Deal photographs in an interdisciplinary illustrated lecture that promotes knowledge of history,  and the value of expressive arts for healing and social change.
December 10th & 17th
Mr. Rosich’s Health classes
NYU Clinical Nursing Professor, Fidelino Lim and NYU nursing students
December 4th
Mr. Murphy’s Government class
Mr. Matthew Washington, Deputy Manhattan Borough President
December 3rd
Ms. Tavera’s Finance class
NY Jets marketing webinar presented by Mr. Jose Rey, Director of Creative Services for the NY Jets and Ms. Jessica Blank, Senior Manager, Marketing for the NY Jets