La Salle Academy Captures Cross Country Boys Varsity B Championship!

On Saturday, November 13, 2021 the La Salle Academy cross-country team traveled to Van Cortlandt Park with the challenge of competing for the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) City Championship. On the brisk morning, the seven Cardinals seemed up to the task of doing something that has not been done at La Salle since 1977!

Carlos T. ’22 would set the tone for the race, finishing 3rd overall and leading the team literally from the front of the pack! He was not alone, though, as Jordan P. ’23, Edgar A. ’23, and Landon C. ’24 would finish 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.  The team scoring was rounded out by solid contributions from Julian Q. ’23, Samuel W. ’24 and Aydan S. ’23.

The Cardinals are showing improvement each and every season under 4th year head coach William Hackshaw. Assisted by fellow CHSAA veterans Ed Howard and Peter Williams, the Cardinals have made positive improvements which culminated in this year’s City Championship! Congratulations to all of our student-athletes and coaches!

La Salle’s 4×800 Relay Team Competes in NYS Track Championships

Special congratulations to the 4 x 800 Outdoor Track relay team who qualified for and competed in the New York State Track Championships last weekend in Middletown, NY. The team, comprised of Elias Torres, Shane Cruz, Denzel Avila, Malachi Soloman, Kenneth Echaverria and Michael Correa posted a personal record time at the State Championship.

La Salle Relay Team Advances to Track and Field State Championships

On May 25th, the Outdoor 4 x 800 relay team, competing in the CHSAA City Championship on Randall’s Island, participated in the top heat and qualified for the State Championships.

La Salle qualified as a Division II school in the 3200 meter relay (4 x 800) with a time of 9:01.32. This is their best time of the season and was done without one of the top two runners present.

This year’s State Championships will be held at Middletown High School (30 Gardner Ext Ave, Middletown, NY 10940) on Friday, June 7th @ 5pm.  If they advance, they will run on Saturday, June 8th at 1pm.

The 4 x 800 teams is comprised the following student-athletes:

  • Denzel Avila
  • Michael Correa
  • Shane Cruz
  • Kenneth Echeverria
  • Justin Gonzalez
  • Elias Torres

Congrats to Coach Hackshaw, Coach Howard and Coach Williams on a great season! We wish them the best of luck next week!

La Salle Track Opens Up Season at CHSAA Season Opener

Saturday, March 30, 2019, Icahn Stadium Participating in the first official meet of the Outdoor Track Season, the Cardinals would have over 30 athletes in attendance with great weather accompanying them.

A strong showing throughout the day, the Cardinals would earn victories and Gold medals in three events with Denzel Avila winning the 1600M Sophomore Run, Joshua Louis winning the 400M Freshman Run & Denzel Avila, Shane Cruz, Justin Gonzalez and Branden Pannell winning the 400m Sophomore Relay.


La Salle had several other Top 5 finishes including: Varsity 400m (4th place – Baimbridge, Torres, McCoy, Francois), Sophomore 400m (4th place – Shane Cruz),  400m Sophomore Relay (4th place – Butts-Jones, Moy, Rodriguez, Sinchi-Dominguez), 400m Freshman Relay (2nd Place – Louis, Walsh, Mateo, Rosario & 3rd place – Lee, Ruiz, Lui, Ye).


Cross Country Track Saves their Best Effort for the Final Race

Saturday, November 10, 2018, Bronx, NY – On Saturday, November 10th, the La Salle Cross Country team participated in the CHSAA Varsity City Championship Meet at Van Cortlandt Park. The finale for the cross country team proved to be the Varsity’s best individual and team effort of the year! The day even included Coaches William Hackshaw and Peter Williams running in the Alumni race with William Cruz, alumnus from the Class of 2017!


Competing in the Varsity B Championship Race, Elias Torres finished first followed by Kenneth Echeveria in 2nd place. In total, five Cardinals finished in the Top 20 of the race but the team would fall one point short of winning the Varsity B City Championship.  Congratulations to all of the La Salle Runners who participated in Cross Country this year.





Top Times:

15:11.70 (15:26.27)         Elias Torres                         1st

15:17.50 (15:26.62)         Kenneth Echeveria          2nd

16:10.00 (16:30.61)         Shane Cruz                          13th

16:10.80 (17:08.48)         Denzel Avila                        15th

16:32.40                              Michael Correa                 19th

Special thanks to the coaches for their dedication, the parents for their support and the student athletes for their commitment to the growth of our program!

Indoor Season begins Monday, November 19th!

Freshmen Cross Country City Championships

Saturday, November 3, 2018, Bronx, NY – Despite the absence of 3 runners who have posted the fastest times on the freshmen level, for various reasons, our season ended on an incredibly PROUD moment for our coaches. Our 4th through 11th best runners stepped up at the Freshmen City Championships with eight out of the ten runners finishing with a personal best time at this meet. Although we finished 16th out of 18 teams, this was an amazing way to end the Freshman Cross County Season!  

Personal records:

Kenneth Prophete                    10:31.96 (11:52.99)

Jack Walsh                                 10:37.60 (11:35.82)

Jon Ruiz                                      11:10.88 (11:18.52)

Devin Mateo                             11:30.20 (11:40.21)

Obryan Flores                           11:36.13 (11:58.61)

Jared Rosado                            11:51.70 (12:15.99)

Conan Lee                                 13:59.54 (14:30.01)

Adriel Rondon                          17:20.00 (17:26.64)



This weekend the track team returns to Van Cortlandt Park this Saturday, November 10th for the Varsity City Championships! All are encouraged and welcomed to attend.

Indoor Track officially begins on November 19th! Workouts have begun!

La Salle Continues to Progress at CHSAA Cross Country Sectionals

Competing in the CHSAA Sectionals on Sunday, October 28th, La Salle fielded 26 runners with 22 total runners achieving new personal bests. Several freshmen received medals for their performance. The team is rounding into shape as they head to the Championship Meets the next two weekends at Van Cortlandt.

Saturday, November 3rd: CHSAA Freshman/Sophomore Championships

Saturday, November 10th: CHSAA Varsity/JV Championships




October 28, 2018 RESULTS



SB Joshua Louis (10:54.09)


SB Giovanni Baquero (11:03.62)


SB Jon Ruiz (11:27.24)


SB Javard Dawkins (11:49.25)


SB Jack Walsh (11:43.36)


SB Devin Mateo (12:18.70)


SB O’bryan Flores (12:38.23)


SB Jared Rosado (13:18.85)


SB Bryan Rosario (14:15.92)


SB Gregory Garib (14:29.77)


SB Daniel Estevez (14:51.10)


SB Conan Lee (14:35.33)


Adriel Rondon



SB Elias Torres (15:28.67)


SB Kenneth Echeveria (16:09.43)


Michael Correa


SB Denzel Avila (18:07.52)


SB Marc-Butts Jones (17:22.97)


SB Waleed Muhammad (18:49.80)


SB Malachi Solomon (20:03.01)


Amadou Kouyate


Theo Noble


SB Jayden Moore-Thony (21:35.53)


SB Alex Leon (24:46.91)


Dylan Batista


Dave Figaro



Rescheduled for Sunday 10/28: CHSAA Cross Country Meet

Due to the weather forecast, the CHSAA has decided to move Saturday’s race to Sunday.

Parents/students: Please check your email for more details and a list of students who are scheduled to race on Sunday.

All Runners Arrival Time: 10am

Our Races begin at approx. 11:30am

We encourage all students and parents to wear all the La Salle gear you have proudly in support on Sunday!

Any additional questions, please call Coach Hackshaw.

If your son is not running, we encourage all to come out and support!

Cross Country Achieves Many Personal Bests @ The NYC XC Carnival

Saturday, October 20, 2018, Bronx – La Salle Cross Country participated in the NYC Cross Country Carnival on Saturday, October 20th and once again had a very good showing as all who ran the 4000 meter races posted new personal best times.

The Freshmen participated in a 8000 meter relay race, finishing 11th overall.

We look for the continued growth and development of the program as they head into the NY Archdiocesan Championships this Saturday(10/27) at Van Cortlandt Park.




SB Elias Torres  (16:00.08)


SB Michael Correa (16:55.71)


SB Shane Cruz (16:44.28)


SB Marc-Butts Jones (18:56.35)


SB Amadou Kouyate (18:40.77)


SB Theo Noble (12:32.60)


SB Justin Gonzalez (18:14.85)


SB Denzel Avila (18:40.03)


SB Waleed Muhammad (19:45.00)

Cross Country with Solid Showing at the Bronx CHSAA Champs Meet

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, Bronx – On October 10th, La Salle sent 25 runners to participate in the Bronx CHSAA Championship Meet and the NYCHSAA Sophomore Championships.

In the Bronx Champs, La Salle placed 3rd on the Varsity level with 2 runners in the top 10 and 4 in the top 20 including Elias Torres (PR) and Kenneth Echeverria placing in the 8th and 9th.

In the Freshman race at the Bronx Champs, Giovanni Baquerro and Joshua Louis both finished in the top 15.



Varsity Bronx Champs
Elias Torres 16:00.08 ( 16:18.38 ) PR
Kenneth Echeverria 16:23.36
Michael Correa 16:55.71
Shane Cruz 17:07.29
Amadou Kouyate 18:53.05
Theo Noble 19:42.29
Waleed Muhammad 19:45.00

Freshmen Bronx Champs
Giovanni Baquerro 11:17.18
Joshua Louis 11:23.32
Kenneth Prophete 11:52.99 ( 12:05.45 ) PR
Jack Walsh 12:06.12
Jon Ruiz 12:24.43
Obryan Jones 12:38.23 ( 12:48.58 ) PR
Devin Mateo 12:43.65
Jared Rosado 13:18.85 ( 13:25.09 ) PR

La Salle @ Xavier Invitational XC Meet Results

Saturday, September 22, 2018, Van Cortlandt Park – La Salle fielded 22 runners at the Xavier Invitational Cross Country Meet at Van Cortlandt Park. With over 75% of the team recording their personal best time, the team and track program at La Salle are showing significant progress and growth.
The team will race again on Thursday, October 4th as part of the Fordham Prep Developmental Meet.

10:54.09 SB Joshua Louis* 46th Freshman Boys 2500m A
11:27.24 SB Jon Ruiz* 62nd Freshman Boys 2500m A
11:43.36 SB Jack Walsh* 72nd Freshman Boys 2500m A
11:49.25 SB Javard Dawkins* 76th Freshman Boys 2500m A
12:18.70 SB Devin Mateo* 82nd Freshman Boys 2500m A
13:25.09 SB Jared Rosado* 99th Freshman Boys 2500m A
14:38.0 Bryan Rosario 106th Freshman Boys 2500m A
14:54.7 Conan Lee 107th Freshman Boys 2500m A
15:05.1 Gregory Garib 109th Freshman Boys 2500m A
16:20.7 Daniel Estevez 113th Freshman Boys 2500m A
17:56.6 Adriel Rondon 118th Freshman Boys 2500m A
16:39.26 SB Elias Torres* 49th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
18:12.04 SB Shane Cruz* 105th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
18:40.77 SB Amadou Kouyate* 120th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
19:17.54 SB Denzel Avila* 163rd Sophomore Boys 4000m Run
19:32.60 SB Theo Noble* 135th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
19:45.28 SB Marc-Butts Jones* 177th Sophomore Boys 4000m Run
19:46.25 SB Waleed Muhammad* 144th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
19:50.44 SB Branden Pannell* 180th Sophomore Boys 4000m Run
20:03.01 SB Malachi Solomon* 147th JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
23:07.09 SB Jayden Moore*  171st JV Boys 4000 Meter Run
*Personal Best






Cross Country Season Commences at the Regis Invitational

Saturday, September 15, Van Cortlandt Park – The La Salle Cardinals Cross Country Track team participated in the Regis Invitational at Van Cortlandt Park on Saturday to begin the fall season. A great effort was displayed by all participants and the team showed great promise for a good season ahead.


Top Cardinal Finishers by Race:
Freshman (2500m)
Joshua Louis – 11:15.31
Jack Walsh – 12:11.55
Giovanni Baquero – 12:13.28
Javard Dawkins – 12:14.00
Sophomores (4000m)
Branden Pannell – 20:56.76
Denzel Avila – 21:06.92
Varsity (4000m)
Elias Torres – 17:27.96 75
Michael Correa – 17:30.51 76
Theo Noble – 20:53.50 88
Malachi Soloman – 21:54.71

Cardinal Cross Country returns to action Saturday, September 22nd for the Xavier Invitational at Van Cortlandt Park.


Track Results


The following are the results from the NY Sectional meet on Saturday, October 28th:


Anonymous – 10:01 PR – top 50 overall and received a medal

Andrew Khan – 14:26 PR

Karl Sydneus – 19:10 PR


Ibrahim Diop – 15:11 PR by 37 seconds

Michael Correa – 17:03 PR

Phillip Bart – 17:26

Cross Country Cardinals Achieve Personal Records

Below are the results from the NYC Cross Country Festival held on Saturday, October 21st:

On the varsity level, all five runners achieved new personal records.

Freshman – 1500 meters

Karl Sydneus – 9:08 PR

Varsity – 2.5 miles

Ibrahim Diop – 15:43 PR

Andy Fernandez – 15:58 PR

Michael Correa – 16:58 PR

Christopher Pena – 17:30 PR

Kevin Merino – 22:33 PR

The Cross Country team will participate in the Sectionals this Saturday at Van Cortland Park.



Track Results: Manhattan College Meet – Saturday, October 14th

Below are the results from the Manhattan College Meet held on Saturday, October 14th:

On the varsity level, all four runners achieved new personal records

Freshman – 1 1/4 miles

Karl Sydneus – 12:10

Varsity – 2 1/2 miles

Ibrahim Diop – 15:48 PR

Michael Correa – 17:15 PR

Phillip Bart – 17:19 PR

Christopher Pena – 17:53 PR


Track will compete in the NYC Cross Country Festival this Saturday at Van Courtland Park.


Monday night at the CHSAA Freshman Sectional Track Championships held at Ichan
Stadium, the Cardinals had a phenomenal turn out. Every single freshman recorded a personal best each time they lined up to take the track.


Individual Events

800 Meter Run   – Michael Carrea                            – 2:31 – PR

800 Meter Run   – Kughan Gunaratnam                  – 2:35 – PR

800 Meter Run   – Amador Mosso                            – 2:45 – PR

400 Meter Run   – Carlos Flores                                 – 86

1600 Meter Run – Elias Torres                                   – 5:03 – PR

200 Meter Run   – Carlos Flores                                  – 36.5 – PR



1600 Meter Relay

Kughan Gunaratnam       – 68

Michael Carrea                 – 67

Amador Mosso                – 69 – PR

Elias Torres                       – 58 – PR

The track team returns to action this Saturday for the Varsity Sectionals, also at Ichan Stadium.

2017 CHSAA BQ/NY Indoor Track Freshman Sectional Championships

The La Salle Academy Track team ran in the CHSAA BQ/NY Freshman Sectional Championships on Monday, January 16th at Ocean Breeze in Staten Island. This was the first time the Cardinals ran in their new uniforms, giving the team confidence and school-pride!

download download (1) download (2)

download (3) download (4) download (7)

Individual Events

800 Meter Run   – Amador Mossa             – 2:48

1600 Meter Run – Elias Torres                  – 5:30

400 Meter Run   – Kughan Gunaratnam – 69

300 Meter Run   – Carlos Flores               – 1:05



1600 Meter Relay

Kughan Gunaratnam – 74

Amador Mosso             – 74

Carlos Flores                – 1:30

Elias Torres                   – 62

Varsity Sprint Medley Relay (A)

400 – Jose Mosso            – 65

200 – Rameek Hill           – 27

200 – Christopher Pena – 29

800 – William Cruz          – 2:23

Varsity Sprint Medley Relay (B)

400 – Phillip Bart            – 60

200 – Elias Torres          – 27

200 – Amador Mossa     – 34

800 – Andy Fernandez – 2:30

Cardinals Cross Country Season Ends


On Saturday, November 12th, the Cross Country team completed their Fall Season with Senior William Cruz posting a personal best of 15:32 and finishing 5th in his race.  Junior Ibrahim Diop posted a time of 16:50 while Frosh Elias Torres finished in 17:07.


M 2.5Mile 5 William Cruz 15:32.5 5
M 2.5Mile 18 Ibrahim Diop 16:50.2 15
M 2.5Mile 26 Elias Torres 17:07.5 22
M 2.5Mile 36 Jadyn Darbonne 17:44.7 30
M 2.5Mile 52 Andy Fernandez 18:59.2 43

chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-2 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-35chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-24 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-22   chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-40 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-49 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-60 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-93 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-99 chsaa-intersectionals-11-12-78

La Salle Takes On The NYC Cross Country Carnival!


On Saturday, October 15th, La Salle’s Cross Country teams ran in the New York City Cross Country Carnival. The Cardinals ran two excellent races in the 2.5 mile run and the .9 mile run. Here are the times from Saturday’s events:


William Cruz: 16:13, 2.5 miles

Ibrahim Diop: 17:32, 2.5 miles


Elias Torres: 5:51, 0.9 miles

Jadyn Darbonne: 6:09, 0.9 miles

Malachi Solomon: 6:10, 0.9 miles

Go La Salle!



La Salle Cross Country Results

This season, La Salle has run in several cross country meets. Here are the results:

Regis Invitational, Saturday, September 17, 2016

William Cruz, Varsity; 17:22, 2.5 miles


Xavier Invitational, Saturday, September 24, 2016

William Cruz, Varsity; 17:22, 2.5 miles

Elias Torres, Freshmen; 11:14, 1.5 miles

Malachi Solomon, Freshmen; 11:30, 1.5 miles

Jadyn Darbonne, Freshmen; 12:39, 1.5 miles

Stefan Nguyen, Freshmen; 12:40, 1.5 miles

Linden Inglis, Freshmen; 13:41, 1.5 miles

Amador Mossa, Freshmen; 14:00, 1.5 miles

Worthy Vixamar, Freshmen; 15:20, 1.5 miles

Gordon Liang, Freshmen; 16:31, 1.5 miles


Fordham Development Meet #1, Thursday, September 29, 2016

William Cruz, Varsity; 16:42, 2.5 miles

Ibrahim Dip, Varsity; 16:54, 2.5 miles

Elias Torres, Freshmen; 10:55, 1.5 miles

Malachi Solomon, Freshmen; 11:40, 1.5 miles

Stefan Nguyen, Freshmen; 12:28, 1.5 miles

Linden Inglis, Freshmen; 12:48, 1.5 miles

Amador Mossa, Freshmen; 12:49, 1.5 miles

Jadyn Darbonne, Freshmen; 13:02, 1.5 miles

Kughon Gunaratnam, Freshmen; 13:39, 1.5 miles

Michael Carrea, Freshmen; 14:20, 1.5 miles

Gordon Liang, Freshmen; 16:50, 1.5 miles

Carlos Flores, Freshmen; 17:07, 1.5 miles


Manhattan Invitational, Saturday, October 8, 2016

William Cruz, Varsity; 16:04, 2.5 miles

Ibrahim Diop, Varsity; 17:30, 2.5 miles

Andy Fernandez, Varsity; 20:31, 2.5 miles

Elias Torres, Freshmen; 7:43, 1.25 miles

Jadyn Darbonne, Freshmen; 7:55, 1.25 miles

Malachi Solomon, Freshmen; 8:07, 1.25 miles

Stefan Nguyen, Freshmen; 8:10, 1.25 miles

Amador Mossa, Freshmen; 9:12, 1.25 miles

Kughon Gunaratnam, Freshmen; 10:16, 1.25 miles

Worthy Vixamar, Freshmen; 10:24, 1.25 miles

Carlos Flores, Freshmen; 11:26, 1.25 miles

img_1122 img_1115


Cardinal Soccer Try-outs!

Attention La Salle Students!!

Tryouts for the Varsity Soccer Team will begin on Monday August 22nd at 9:00am. Please meet at the school by 8:30am and you will then walk over to the field with the coaches. Bring your equipment (shinguards, cleats, water bottle, etc.) with you. You must have your physical in with the main office to be allowed to participate in tryouts. All interested students are encouraged to try out. If you have any questions please contact the head coach, Brian Pally, at [email protected] and he will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to seeing all interested soccer players on Monday the 22nd.

Cross Country Results!

On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, the Lasalle Academy Xcountry team competed in the NY Sectional Sophomore championship meet with Varsity Events. The Redbirds top finisher was junior, William Cruz, in a medal winning time of 16 minutes and 58 seconds. Other medal winners at this meet were juniors, Gregory Thompson and Eric Saavedra, as well as senior Nikita Gasu. Sophomore, Andy Fernandez placed 76 of 101 sophomore runners as our lone 10th grade representative. His time of 19 minutes and 31 seconds sets the bar as his personal best. Freshman Raul Barrera competed in the freshman 1.5 mile race finishing in a time of 13 minutes and 53 seconds. Go La Salle!


Track / Cross Country Tryouts Begin Aug. 20th

The first day of running practice / tryouts is Thursday, August 20th. Students are to wear comfortable running clothes and sneakers, and are to meet at the school (215 East 6th Street) at 9:30 am. Practice / tryouts will be from 10 am through noon. In addition, all prospective student athletes are encouraged to bring bottled water to insure hydration through out the workouts. Any questions please contact Head Track Coach Corey Thomas at [email protected]. Please make sure that you have your filled out Athletic Physical Form already in the office.


Ray Polanco

Lasalle Academy
Assistant Principal, Dean of Students
Athletic Director